Putting Self To Sleep

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K - November 11

My daughter is 2 months old and I want to start haveing her put herself to sleep at night. Me and my husband usually have to rock her and when we go to put her down once she's sleeping she wakes up sometimes and if we do get her to stay sleeping it's only if we put her in her car seat. Sometimes one of us sleep in the recliner with her and she will sleep the whole night. Last night I laid her in her bassinet and she cried for a solid hour and than finally went to sleep on her own. Just curious if that sounds mean? I was hoping by doing this she will eventually get used to it and know how to put herself to sleep.


steph - November 11

It doesnt sound mean at all. The crying will gradually get less but keep at it. My 6 week old sleeps in her nursery (although we do have a baby monitor with a sensor pad) and she was in there from 2 weeks. She puts herself to sleep all the time. You need to get your baby into good habits early on.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 11

Amaya also puts herself to sleep in her own room. When she was in our room she would hear us and expect us to pick her up. Now that she is in her own room she sleeps all night and if she wakes up and will put herself back to sleep.


J - November 11

My oldest son is now 3 and we rocked him until he was a year old. Going to bed was always a good experience for him so he has always been really good about going to bed. He loved his crib and still loves to go to bed and take naps I have never had any trouble. When he was 6 wks we put him in his crib and he just slept after being rocked for a little while. He was just a really good baby. Now my second one who is almost 4 weeks will not lay down. I have let him cry for a while but it just breaks my heart I can't just let him cry. I have tried the bouncy seat and everything. Nothing will put this kid to sleep unless he is laying in my arms. I don't know what to do.



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