Putting Shirts Over Your Babies Head

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Mrs.Ireland - October 9

I feel so bad when I have to put my dd shirt over her head. I feel like I am smooshing her poor head, she gets all mad at me. I try stretching it and some are still so hard. Is there a easy way???


fitzerin - October 9

I go from the back of the head to the face...if that makes sense. I know what you mean though...my son hates it when I put shirts on him.


Mrs.Ireland - October 9

I'll give that a try. I just find no way easy, sometimes I just want to let her go naked so I don't have to put a shirt on her :-) She loves being naked so she wouldn't mind!!!


mommybabyboy21 - October 9

Mrs Ireland I know what you mean my son hates getting his shirt put on he fuss and would prefer to be naked all the time. I let him be naked for about a month and 1/2 because were I live the temperature was always in the 90 to 100s but with it getting cold again he needs to get used to clothes...I think he just fuss because he just doesnt want it on...when I am taking them off he laughs...but I put his shirts on from back of his head and then stretches it over his face....gl.


kimberly - October 9

Maybe start buying outfits that have b___tons on the the sleve. But, yeah I know it sucks!


MNMOM - October 9

I try to buy and use the onesies that have the snaps along one shoulder, that solves the problem of squishing the poor face or head. But those are hard to find! So when I do find them, I buy several colors in several sizes.


Val - October 9

How old is your baby? My ds didn't like things pulling on over his head for a long time, but now that he's a little older (4.5 months) I make it fun for him by talking and smiling and getting him excited about it, and he no longer has a problem with it.


Mrs.Ireland - October 9

She's 11 weeks. I tried to get her excited to, but it doesn't work.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - October 9

My DD is 6 weeks and she loves peek a boo...so me and my hubby do that, but she usually don't care even if we don't play with her


DDT - October 9

I never had a problem with getting shirts on my ds's head. Maybe his head is smaller than others though? At birth it was 14 in and at 4 months it was 17 in. I do have some onesies and shirts that have clips/b___tons on the shoulders or back to make the neck opening bigger. They are easier for sure. Maybe invest in some of those for future use.


c_baer19 - October 9

My DD has a smaller head (25th percentile) so I don't really have this problem, but all the onesies (Carter's) I use all stretch big enough in the neck. I do have some Carter's top-snap onesies - the ones with two b___tons on one shoulder - but I don't really like them much, since the others fit my DD just fine. They'd work well for all of you though, I bet! I've only seen them in two-packs, but they might make them in more.


suze42 - October 9

Stretch the neck out first then go from back to front, like you said...and DO IT FAST! lol My DS (now 5) had a huge head...95th percentile...so i had to master the technique... My DD 3mos has a much smaller head and tho its easier...i still do it quick. Sometimes i slip things on from her feet up...alot of onsies have big enuf necks. but youre not hurting them or doing anything out of the norm...its probably harder on you then for them.


DB - October 9

Yes, at that age it was no fun...but now at 8 months we make a game of it...saying "where's Audrey?" then we pull it over quickly and she giggles...so cute!


ImpatientMommy - October 9

I thought this was funny because my 3.5 month old daughter HYSTERICALLY laughs everytime we get her dressed and put something over her head haha.



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