Putting Un Eaten Bottles Back In The Fridge

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kelly826826 - September 10

I will fix her a 6 oz bottle and she will only eat 2 oz's of it. Is it ok to put back in the fridge so it doesnt get wasted? The cans of formula say never put the bottles back in the fridge because bacteria from their mouths can grow in the bottle. How likely is this to happen? Do any of you put them back in for later feedings?


suze42 - September 10

We do it with our DD 8wks and did it w/our DS 5yrs...You just have to use common sense...if i start to feed my DD and she isnt really hungry, im not going to waste a 5oz bottle, so i will refridge it for just a few hours..im sure you can even go longer, but i do it just until her next feeding. Im pretty relaxed about that stuff and have never had a problem w/either child..in fact i always said it made my older one tougher (that and the fact that im not a germphobic)...he hardly gets sick! but to each her own. good luck. :)


pregnantjackie - September 11

I was wondering the same thing and was googling it last night! Most sites say absolutely not but doctor sears site says it is okay to leave it out for the next feeding, otherwise discard it. If you took it from the fridge, warmed it, then I wouldn't rerefridgerate it. I did, however, rerefridgerate some milk my son didn't eat before reading these articles and he was fine...I usually just warm one ounce at a time, to be on the safe side.


Terio - September 11

Suze42, I'm glad to read that others have done that, too. In the beginning when my daughter was born a month ago ~ I didn't even realize that you weren't supposed to do this. I was putting bottles back into the refrigerator for a couple of hours until the next feeding if a lot was left over. I never thought to ask anyone about it, since it was a reasonable amount of time and didn't know it was a no-no until my pediatrician was going through the standard questions and said to make sure all formula was discarded directly after each feeding and I said, "ohhh yes, of course I know that..." Whoops. Well, like your son, maybe she'll have a tough stomach. Like you said though, I think it's about using common sense.


Terio - September 11

Pregnantjackie, my computer was sitting on this page for a while (I'm totally caught up in watching Big Brother this season!), so I didn't see that you had replied earlier. So you said that on one site it said you could leave it sitting out until the next feeding? Meaning, at room temperature? Oh my gosh, if that's the case, it would totally save me at night. I am a walking zombie from lack of sleep right now due to running downstairs to my kitchen in the middle of the night to make a bottle every 2-3 hrs. If I could make a bottle and divide it into *two* feedings and leave it sitting on my nightstand... well... I think I might cry tears of happiness right now. Is that what you meant, or did I take you up wrong?


pregnantjackie - September 11

I reread the article and it isn't very clear...I think they mean that you can refridgerate an unused portion out of the bottle he drank out of for up to 4 hours...In your situation I would have ice packs and a bottle warmer on hand. In an insulated cooler or with ice packs b___st milk can be stored up to 24 hours. That way you don't have to keep running downstairs...


TamaraAngel - September 11

Terio... are you using the powdered formula, liquid ready feed, or b___st milk at night? I keep my water (sometimes store bought nursery water, sometimes boiled water) in a jug at room temperature. I then just fill the bottle with water, add powder, and shake each time i feed him. That way there is no refridgerating and no warming. It works better for me, especially in the middle of the night. Otherwise i would have been going up and down the stairs 4 times a night the first 2 months! I guess in my head, it never made sense to make a bunch of bottles ahead of time... then refridgerate... then warm. Lol... although no one i know (in my life or on here it seems) does it my way. So maybe there is some reason i'm not aware of? But it works well for me! Also, if i go out for a few hours with the baby... I just put enough powder to make 4 ozs of formula in two seperate bottles... and then bring 8 ozs of water with me in another bottle. When he gets hungry, i just pour 4ozs of water into one of the bottles and swish it around to mix. My doc and the wic office said this was fine... they just suggested not "shaking" the bottle to mix it bc that would cause too many air bubbles. Oh, and by the way... i have never refridgerated unused formula to use at the next feeding. The hospital nurses were very strict (i formula fed from day one) about discarding within one hour. I even called the number on the canister and spoke to the similac hotline on two seperate occasions, just hoping i would get the answer i wanted... lol... but both times they said once a feeding starts, discard formula after one hour. I've wasted so much formula bc of this, as i'm sure you guys know!! (Hopefully, by the second child i'll be less paranoid!! Lol)


javidsgirl - September 11

i just thought i would put my 2 cents if you don"t mind they told me at the hosptial you can put unused forumal back in the for up to 4 hours before you disgard it . you could always buy some 2 oz bottles if you would feel better with that


andy - September 11

the can of my dd ´s formula sais that you could put in the fridge what she does not eat .. but I only do it if she leaves more than half (of 5 onz bottle) if she leaves like 1 ounce I will just throu that away ... and also never re fridge any¨,,, if the second time she leaves some , just discard that ... and you can just store it for the next feeding , if you did´t use it then it will get damaged ... xoxoxo andrea


suze42 - September 11

Tamara, I do the same thing you do! I fill a pitcher w/purified water from the fridge and let it get to room temp. Then i just mix one bottle at a time, and dont have to heat. I did it this way w/my son too. The only time i heat it is if i put it in the fridge b/c she didnt eat any i mixed. So it def makes sense to me! Are things going better...has the little on settle in a bit? My DD is doing really well..shes 9wks...getting huge. Shes hard to get down at night...but once she is, then shes out. Hope all is well!


kelly826826 - September 11

OK another question.... How many times can a bottle be re-heated? Sometimes I will re-heat the same bottle 2-3 different times within 2 hrs or so. Is this safe and has anyone else been doing it? I'll wake her after 4-5 hrs of not eating and she won't be hungry. Then 15 min after the bottle has gotten cold, she's hungry. GO FIGURE.


kelly826826 - September 11

The way I make my bottles is, I get 4oz of warm tap water then pour in the formula then shake. That way you dont have to wait for the bottle to heat up!! I do get a lot of bubbles but by the time she gets to the bottom of the bottle, the bubbles are gone. It saves a lot of time at night when you are extremely tired!


DDT - September 11

Okay, I don't think its a problem if your re-use a room temp bottle, but there has to be a limit. Also, once its heated its only good for 1 hr max. Do you ladies realize how fast bacteria grows in an ideal envrioment like that?...a warm milk-based enviroment. That's bacteria heaven. Would you drink warmed milk that been sitting out for longer than a hr...I sure wouldn't!


aliciavr6 - September 11

I do this. We've been giving my 3 month old 8oz bottles for a while now. During the day, I'll make one with room temp bottled water, feed her (she'll usually drink 4oz or so at once) then put it into the fridge. She feeds so frequently that it's impossible for us to make new bottles each time. She might eat an ounce or two 30 minutes later! ha. She's a piggy. At night, she will usually drink the entire 8 oz. bottle before bed (last week she drank about 10 - 12 oz before bed within one hour!)


aliciavr6 - September 11

Oh also, we use soy formula, doesn't go as bad as quickly as milk


kelly826826 - September 11

DDT, I will fix a 4 oz bottle and she will only eat 2oz of it. I immediately put back in the fridge. I dont leave it out. Im wondering is it ok to warm it, put back in the fridge, warm it put back in the fridge?


Terio - September 12

Hi TamaraAngel, I am using powdered formula and I think that's what I'll do ~ bring water and add the powder to the bottles at night. Thanks for the reply!



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