Q For Moms Who Had Three Pg S Or More Weight Issue

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Lisastar9 - February 3

I still have not loss all of my pg wieight,will it ever go away. My son is 10 months still bf's,is the weight staying because of this. My leggs are back to the nornal size,it is just my stomach. Any ideas.


Jenn2 - February 3

I have mentioned this before on here, and this is not to discourage bf'ing, but my weight did not fall off until after I stopped bf'ing. I gained a total of 35 pounds when I was pregnant. I immediately lost 25 pounds ( baby, fluid, placenta, etc). The last 10 pounds did not budge until I stopped b'fing at 3.5 months pp. Within a month after that the last 10 pounds literally fell off of me. I did not even try very hard. Its strange, and I know some women say they loose their weight b/c of b'fing, but it just did not work that way for me.


Lisastar9 - February 3

Jenn2,the reason why I ask this question is because I did loose all the weight before I gor pg the 2nd and 3rd time around firstbefore 10 months pp. This wieght is puzzling me. Maybe my body is old adntired and like you the weight will fall off after bfing.


sahmof3 - February 3

Lisa... I also had trouble losing weight until I was done bfing, but eventually it came back down after 1 and 2, but not my 3rd. I am not dieting, but I didn't after the other two either. It's sad!!! Well, I should say after my 3rd BABY... it was actually my 4th pregnancy (my first pregnancy was a m/c).


apr - February 4

sorry to b___t in, but i was just wondering, y does it say everywhere that bf helps to lose pregnancy weight and get back to ur figure? I was not bf this time b/c ds didnt want to latch on but I do intend to next time


Jelly - February 4

this could just be me, I am not saying this is general, but after my 1 and 2 I was able to loose the weight fine, especially after bfing, with the 3 not so, it never came off completely, and the 4 gave the final touch :-) But I think it all depends on the body type too, if your legs are nomal, maybe your stomach eventually will be too! good luck!


Rabbits07 - February 4

I think it just depends on the woman, body type, etc. I have never had a problem losing weight while b___stfeeding. I did find with this last pregnancy that the weight didn't some off quite as quickly, but then again it was my 7th pregnancy and I'm not exactly a spring chickadee anymore...lol. I was back down to 115 by 7 months pp and am at 112 lb. 10 months pp. I still have a poochy belly, but I haven't been exercising or anything, so I can only blame myself for that one. Right before I started working I had been exercising and had noticed a big difference in the tone of my belly, but once I went back to work I quit. I really need to get back at it.



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