Q Those Who Bath Sit Up Babies

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Zacks Mom - January 31

How do you wash his/her hair?


Dawn C - January 31

I put my lil one in a lil infant tub that will convert to a seat. I still use one of those sponges so he want slip. I put my hand under his head and neck. I use his wash cloth to wet his head and then I shampoo it. When I rinse it, I just use his washcloth on top of his head to wipe it off so I dont wet his ears. I splash water in the back to rinse it.


Jbear - January 31

They sell a little foam visor you can put on the baby so the water doesn't go in the eyes. I never used one, but I've seen them at the grocery store.


desiree - January 31

My son grew out of his infant bathtubs, and I am not ready to use the tub...I bath him in the kitchen sink! It fits his size and he won't tip back. I used to hold a cloth over his face during shampoo and rinse, but now I just dump the water over his head. He loves it, loves water period!


HELLO - January 31

she sits on a cloth diaper that never got used for its purpose so she doesnt slip in the bath and with one hand i hold her left arm, left side with my right hand while the other hand washes her hair, its heaps easier now she likes to sit up. i just toss some shampoo on her head so to speak rub it in and rinse it by laying her back down and gently splashing water on her head, to wet it originally she is laying down before i sit her up, hope i helped although i know its all over the place.


SHelly - February 1

before i left the hospital i had to attend a parenting cla__s, the nurse showed us how to hold baby to wash his hair. Its like the football position when you b___st feed, except you face the baby up and keep your hand under his head and wash with the other. i havent tried this yet, but it seems to be easy. i dont know about sitting up, but if you little one is not too heavy maybe you could try this.


Zacks Mom - February 1

Thanks for your replies. I was at wits end thinking of how-to.. Zack is 4 months now and he normally hates bathes and have begin to love it since this month. Since he discovered interesting water, he wants to sit up and I find it difficult to wash his hair. I will try these technique that you use. What brand is the infant tub that converts to seat? Interesting..


Zacks Mom - February 1

To SHelly.. I have been doing that until recently when he's faccinated by the water. It seems easy to wash football position in cla__s but with a real live baby it was tricky for me ... afraid of slipping the baby ... afraid of water going into his ears/eyes... baby kept crying cos he feels exposed... etc...



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