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Jadyns Mommy - November 22

I guess if you read enough books you can always find information that contradicts the next so I am asking for everyones opinion. I have always cleaned Jadyns ears after every bath with Q-tips because I have read it is safe but I just read something that says they are dangerous and push the wax further into the ear and cause complications down the road. At her last Drs appt, the Dr complimented us on how clean her ears were and never questioned about how they were so clean. Does anyone have any other insight into this? I certianly do not want to keep doing this if it is bad for her ears in the long run.


kate - November 22

my personal opinion? use them. i use them on my girl's ears and hers are very clean. (the safety baby kind that don't go in too deep). and i use the regular ones one my ears daily - my doctor often tells me how clean my ears are too, so i guess they work! :)


angela - November 22

i clean my daughters ears every few days. and we have never had a problem our pediatrician doesnt even check her ears. not that i've noticed anyway, i will keep using them i dont think they are in anyway harmful.


Zack's mom - November 22

i use them too. I normally try to wipe this ear with a washcloth first and will only use qtips for ear wax that are pushed out from the hole. I don't care to go in.


Kathryn - November 22

I'm just the opposite. I've never used a q-tip to clean my son's ears. I just use a wash cloth when he takes his bath.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 22

At first I was not cleaning Amayas ears with a q-tip (I had heard it was bad and the doctor told us not to) then she got an ear infection in both ears so I did the medicine thing (still not cleaning them with q-tips) and then she got another one. I talked with my mom and she said she cleaned mine and I never got an ear infection at all, so I have started cleaning Amaya's ears (she loves it!) and at the last appt with her doctor she told us how good her ears look. We only use the baby safe q-tips so they dont go too far in.



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