Question About 2 Yr Old And Monsters

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Mellissa - June 3

hi everyone. My daughter is 2 1/2 and tonight is the second night this week that she has started crying after i put her to bed saying there were monsters in her room trying to get her. The first time she did it, I thought it was just a ploy to stay up with me. Tonight she was genuinely scared, and i think it's because there is a streetlight outside of her window that is making shadows on her wall. I am going to buy a shade for her window. I stayed in her room for ten minutes showing her shadows that i can make with my hands and trying to explain to her that monsters are just made up and there isn't any way they can hurt her. She didn't believe me, and i eventually ler her go into my room to sleep. I don't mind her sleeping with me, my hubby is away in iraq, and I have plenty of room, and she still comes to bed with me around 3 or 4 am everynight anyhow (a habit we formed when i was br___tfeeding).My problem is that i am a paranoid mother, (and i'm not afraid to admit it. lol) and i can't help but think that if i leave her in a her room and someone comes in and takes her, that i should have believed her about the monsters, you know? i guess it's more of a psychological thing on my part. so i'm just wondering if anyone else has had this issue with their toddler, and how did you handle it? i don't want her thinking that because i let her sleep with me i believe monsters will really get her, but i also don't want to make her stay in a room where she is afraid. thanks in advance for any help!!! :)


Rabbits07 - June 3

Well, as far as being a paranoid mother...I'm right with you on that one. All of my kids windows have alarms on them!!! I don't think in this day and age that it is really paranoia though. As far as her claim about monsters, that is very common at her age. The shade will probably help tremendously and you may want to think about getting her a nightlight if she doesn't already have one. Another option is one of the two way baby monitor sets...that way she can be rea__sured that you can hear everything going on in her room, plus you can talk to her from your room and she can talk back and that may settle her enough for her to get to sleep. For your own peace of mind you may want to consider an alarm for the window ;-)


Mellissa - June 3

thanks so much! i never thought about the two way monitor system! we have an alarm for the house, but my husband thought because the berooms are on the 2nd story that alarms weren't necessary. i told him people climb into second story windows all the time. we live in a small town and he's confident nothing will happen. but maybe i will call ADT and see if they would install extra alarms. she does have a night light already, but i think that's part of the problem because that was also causing shadows last night. it's just so sad when you hear your little girl crying because she's afraid. i can't handle it. thanks again for the advice!! i'm definitely going to consider the alarm and the monitor!


Ginny - June 3

Hey, Mellissa, I thought I would just throw out a suggestion that works with some kids. Since the monsters are in her head, the solution to be rid of them might be too. Ask her what she thinks would make the monsters go away. If it's something simple, like getting a shade, or leaving a closet door open, then go for it. The monsters are very real to her, so there is probably a real way to get rid of them.


olivia - June 3

My sister had her daughter who was afraid of mosters make a sign. It was a drawing of a monster and then my sister wrote "mosters keep out" on it. They hung it together on her bedroom door. I think it really helped my niece to be a part of the 'moster security system". As Ginny mentioned, find out what might work for your daugher, where she thinks the mosters live, and maybe make a keep out sign or something that you can do to help her feel more secure.


olivia - June 3

i don't know why i forgot the n in monster twice! oops.


olivia - June 3

It must be brain fog, now that I look I typed moster four times with no 'n'. Maybe that's how I keep them away!


Rabbits07 - June 3

You're pregnant aren't you, Olivia? I found I lost about 1/2 of my normal brain function when pregnant...LOL. I couldn't remember anything..even after ds was born, I kept wanting to call him Moses..his name is Mason!


olivia - June 3

Yes, I think that must be it. I feel crazy half the time. Instead of flushing the toilet yesterday I was flicking the light switch wondering why it wasn't flushing! I don't know if I should even admit half the stuff I do!


Mellissa - June 3

thank you all so much for your suggestions!! they're all great! i did ask her last night where the mosters were at and she kept saying at her window.. that's why i'm a little paranoid. all i can think about is someone looking in her window or something.. of course it would be quite hard for someone to do that unless they have a ladder, but still! i think i will try all of your suggestions tonight if she starts getting upset again. what would i do without this site?!?! :) oh, and olivia, i did the same thing last night while talking to my hubby online... i kept forgetting the "n". lol. and i AM pregnant.. so that probably has something to do with it!!!


HANNAHs Mom - June 3

My daughter sometimes thinks monsters are in her room too. When she was younger, I would pretend to yell at them and tell them they were not allowed in our house and chase them with a broom or whatever was handy. She is now four and sometimes fears shawdows and monsters and I just tell her she is seeing the angels that watch over her while she sleeps that keep her safe and cozy all night long. p.s. thanks for the fun and humor in this thread! It really made me laugh! :)


Annette - June 3

Someone here suggested once to get a spraybottle filled with regular water and use it as "antimonster spray". I loved the idea. Spray under the bed and around the window before going to bed. You can leave it next to your daughter´s bed and tell her to spray it as needed. Children buy these concepts, with my baby brother I had a "magical cream that I bought in the blackmarket" (regular Nivea in a generic pot) that would heal any pain (that made him stop crying when he fell down or bumped his head against something).


Whitney - June 3

Maybe you should rent the cartoon movie "Monsters Inc", it's really cute & thye Monsters are all nice, it might change her perception of monsters.


Nerdy Girl - June 3

My daughter is 3 1/2 and has been seeing "monsters" for some time now. What's funny is that during the day, there is a naughty monster that lives in our dining room that does all of the bad things my daughter gets punished for. Too funny! But at night, my daughter is really scared of monsters. What worked for us is letting her sleep with her light on and a lullaby CD in her mini boom box. We also did a little different spin on the water bottle spray. We use linen spray. We spray it in the air and on her pillow, and she knows it's "working" because she can smell it. I have to admit that she has freaked me out a couple of times where I worry she might be like the "Sixth Sense" kid because she will tell me she sees someone in the house and she will describe a person, not a monster. She will say "There was a guy with dark skin and a yellow hat in my room." And I will totally freak out! And then my husband will remind me that she has a Paddington Bear doll in her room (dark skin, yellow hat?). They have such a vivid imagination at this age.


lilmum - June 3

ethan started that a few months ago too. We just pretended there actually were monsters and that we were scaring them away.. once he believed we scared them off we put this heart shaped picture thing I had from when I was a kid above his door and told him they couldn't come in anymore.. that was the end of that. THEN we bought monster's Inc.. now he loves monsters.


jas - June 4

Camp out in her room for the night and "fight" the monsters before going to bed. After sleeping un HER room a few nights, she'll see there isn't anything to worry about. That's what I did with my now 11 yr old when he was that age - his dad was TDY then too...



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