Question About AF Please Help

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eyes82000 - February 8

ok, my son is 4 months old and I finally got my first period last month. I started again two days ago which was a week earlier than I was suppose to so I really wasn't expecting it. Well last night I started to bleed very heavy. I had to wake up twice in the night to change my clothes. This morning I bleed through a tampon and a pad in about 45 min. Now I'm stuck at work and having to wear a tampon and a pad and can only wear them for about 2 hours because I'm bleeding so heavy. I've never bled this much except for right after I had my son. My first period wasn't bad at all so why is this one so bad. Could there be something wrong????


ssmith - February 8

My first period after having my dd was really heavy too.....much heavier than before. I have heard from other ladies that your body really takes a while to get back to normal after the baby, is is still a bit out of whack. I think that you should be worried if you are pa__sing large clots of blood, but I don't really think that a heavy flow is a bad sign.


jenrodel - February 8

My first period was just after 3 months pp, and it was super light. Then I got my second just last week, like you it was early and a surprise, and it was really heavy compared to the periods I got before pregnancy. It only lasted about 4 days though which is good. So like ssmith said I think the heavy flow is okay and wouldn't be worried unless there were large clots etc.


eyes82000 - February 8

Thanks so much! My husband kept telling me to go to the hospital , but I didn't think it was that serious. I guess it's just very annoying having to run to the bathroom every hour.


sahmof3 - February 8

That's how mine were for the last several years, so it was normal for me :-( It's probably just a weird PP thing, but it is worth mentioning to your OB. Mine was caused by having too much surface area in the lining of my uterus. If you continue to have these type periods you can become anemic (I did). I just had a procedure called Novasure done in August to get rid of most of the lining of my uterus... it can't be done, though, unless you are certain you are done having kids.



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