Question About Baby Acute S Hair Color

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Annette - March 24

My husband is blond and I have brown hair. Our son was born with dark hair, which made perfect sense but now at 6 weeks the new hair he is growing is blond! He looks AWFUL, with black hair on the top and back of his head and blond on the front, looks like I tried a home colouring that went terribly wrong. Has anyone had a similar experience? What should I expect? it´s t the poing where I am very tempted to shave his head, but I know it is not recommended for babies so small.


KrisD - March 24

OH NO!! Just give it a few weeks. Our son was born with jet black hair (I'm blond, my husband is brunette). I was born with jet black hair too. And now his is much lighter. Still light brown - looks-blond-in-the-sun-type-of-thing. Well, when he wore out the little bald spot at the back of his head, it came in blond. He had dark brown hair with this blond stipe across the back. And a big black comb-over thing across the top. It's all evening out now, though. It was so ugly, that it was cute! My dh and I laughed all the time about it! Just be patient. I am sure it's adorable!


The real Lissi - March 25

My daughter was born with lots of dark brown hair but over the past couple of months it's been getting lighter. It went kind of reddish for a while, but now it's growing through blonde at the back of her head, where her bald spot used to be. I wouldn't shave it. I'm sure it'll even out soon.


shelly22 - March 26

My son is the same way he's 51/2 weeks and when he was born he had dark hair, which shocked me because me and my husband were both born blondes. Now its dark brown in the back and blond on top, I think it looks funny but theres nothing you can really do


AnonYmous - March 26

My dd had dark orangy-brown hair when she was born, like her dad's was when he was a baby. Now it's turning blonde like mine was as a baby. My hubby and I both have light brown hair now, so I'm sure she'll end up with the same color as us later on.


Erin1979 - March 26

My dd had almost black hair when she was born. She's now 7 months and finally all of her hair is almost the same colour. It will look funny for a while, but just give it some time.


jg - March 26

My boy was born with very dark brown hair, it went blond, now is strawberry blond, but I can see dark hairs coming through now, so he will probably end up medium brown like my husband and I. If I were you I would just out a hat on him - I wouldn't try to shave it - his skin is far too tender.


Leahp - March 27

what about at six months my baby girl was born with strawberry blond hair and my husband and I have very dark hair, his being black, but her color hasn't changed a bit and red heads run in my family?


layney - March 27

my daughter and i were both born with black hair and now we are both blondes. you just never know what you're going to get!!! :) don't shave his head - just bear with it till his blonder hair comes in fully.



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