Question About Baby Food And Poop

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HannahBaby - February 5

My son is almost 4 months old and i am getting ready to give him some rice cereal for the first time. My question is, what will happen to his poop? He will only be getting cereal once a day and it will not replace a nursing. I was wondering if his BM's will stay the same (like mustard) or if they will be more formed. My daughter was not br___tfed so im just curious. Thanks


Renea - February 5

you will notice a change in the consistency and smell. so long sweet smelling poo, hello sticky baby!


Renea - February 5

it should still be pretty soft though, just not seedy looking. You may even notice that the amount of bowel movements will change too.


eliz24 - February 5

Yeah, what Renea said, it gets way stinkier and a little thicker eww : )


HannahBaby - February 5

lol ew


Nita_ - February 5

oh yes! i thought my baby's poop stinked earlier but now that she's on cereal, veggies and fruits, oh man!!! u really need a mask!! LOL


ssmith - February 5

When I started my dd on rice cereal.....her poop stayed the same -- mustardy and sweet.....but it was definitely thicker. And, there was more of it LOL


Erynn21 - February 5

I know my dd's poo is really smelly now too, and when she toots man oh man, I think what did I give this kid? BF poo never really smelled, now it's all think and stinky. I always am like ohh stinky, stinky when she toots, it is just smelly, oh and she holds it up for about 2 days, gross.


ash2 - February 5

Yeah, it wont be the same . You will have a stinkier smell and the consistancy will be thincker. The color should be a darker orange to light brown.


SonyaM - February 5

I have no idea but I can't believe he's already 4 months old! Wow, time really flies. I remember when you were begging to have him! HA!!!!


HannahBaby - February 6

I know i know, i cant believe that hes 4 months already too. I wish my pregnancy flew by like this!! HE poops about once every 7 days right now, im not looking forward to how often he WONT poop with solids. I gave him a few bites of cereal with apples last night, he didnt seem too interested.


Lisastar9 - February 6

sometimes it takes a while for them to learn the art of swallowing. You can always try again. Hey hannahbaby can yu email me...lisa.schumann at



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