Question About Being On Birth Control

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Mrs.Ireland - October 17

All birth control pills seem to say don't smoke while on the pill because it can cause blood clot, stroke and so on. Well I smoke socially when I drink and that's only about once a month if that. Do you think that's just for serious smokers?


MNMOM - October 17

Mrs Ireland - you should ask your dr, but I would think once a month is not enough to be a conern, unless you are age 35 or over, which I don't think you are?


SaraH - October 18

All b.c runs a risk of blood clots and strokes, etc. w/o you being a smoker. It is simply that they say "Don't smoke" b/c that puts you at an even higher risk of these side effects. I would think that only once a month would probably not increase your chance of these, but it is important that you understand that these side effects are not "caused" by smoking but that anyone on b.c has a risk of these even if they don't smoke...smoking just adds to the likelyhood that you could experiance these. Anyways, as I said I wouldn't think that is enough to increase it but you should talk to your doc about it. May I just suggest that if you only smoke once a month it's obviously not something your addicted to, so maybe you just shouldn't smoke at all. I mean why do something that is so unhealthy for you if you're not addicted to doing it; if you don't "need" it?


Mrs.Ireland - October 18

If the pill can cause blood clots, why do the put us on them. Anyone else have opinions on bc or what form of protection to you use?


MNMOM - October 18

The risk is small and any risk must be mentioned by drug companies. Some women are at higher risk, those that smoke and those over 35. If you are over 35 and smoke, most doctors won't even offer you the pill as an option.


kimberly - October 18

Sounds crazy but condoms have always worked for dh and I . I have 3 kids but I had them all on purpose. My Dr. recommends if you use condoms to also use spermicide, but I never have. We have our 3 kids now and my dh is going to get a vasectomy. IUD is an option if you don't want another for a while. They last for 5 years. Don't get the shot if you are planning on more babies because lots of women have fertility issues after the shot. I think the pill is a good option for you because smoking only once a month isn't going to increase your risk. Natural familiy planning is an option but, it is risky!



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