Question About Bottles And Newborns

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Jenn2 - June 28

My daughter is 12 days old. I need advice on what kind of bottle works best for one so young. Also, my daughter has a strong suck, and can gulp down her milk/formula very fast. So, I guess I need advice on a slower flow bottle for newborns?


Bonnie - June 28

Honestly, ftaer dealing with reflux and speaking to a lot of mom's, I found that every baby is truely different. Some babies prefer Dr.Brown bottles, other's prefer Playtex nursers. Some like silicone and some like latex. Some like wide nek some like thin. We spent about $80 on Dr.Brown bottles only to find out 2 months later that he took in FAR less air and had FAR less pain with a wide necked Playtex Nurser with a latex nipple. But I know other babies who do better on advice, because these bottles all get pricey...but one of every major type. Buy both silicone and latex and then test them out.


TCB - June 28

OMG Dr. Browns saved us. My DS used to collapse the nipple on ever bottle we bought and was so ga__sy and when we go these he was great and he was able to drink it without me having to stop him and get teh nipple right.


BIG RED - June 28

My girls both liked playtex brand w/wide latex nipple.


AprilMum - June 28

We are Playtex VentAire fans.


haymay - June 28

My dd has always had a really strong suck. I started out b___stfeeding, and planned to continue b___stfeeding, but I hated doing it so much that by 2 weeks I was ready to switch over to formula...since I had planned to b___stfeed and she would go to a sitter during the day, I started out using the playtex premium nursers, so she didn't get nipple confusion...but once we started her on formula and started using the bottles, we found that she couldn't get a good enough grip on that wide nipple so she would get a lot of air while she ate and have bad gas...I tried a few different kinds of bottles, a wide neck gerber bottle, a Soothie bottle(because she loves her Soothie pacifier so much) and she still got a lot of air from them, so finally I bought some of the cheap Evenflo bottles, just the basic plastic bottle in the 8 oz. size with the silicone nipple, they are like 2.99 for a 3 pack, and I made sure to get the slow flow nipples, and she has never had any problems with them...she gets a LOT less air, because she can get a really good grip on the narrower nipple, and it's slow flow so her strong suck doesn't make her get choked, and her gas problems have gone WAY down since we started with these bottles. I bought a few of the cheap gerber bottles too in the same style as the Evenflo ones, but I've had problems with the milk leaking out around the base of the nipple with the gerber ones, so we mostly use the Evenflo brand. Every baby is different, I'd say just try different bottles and see which works best for your baby. We never did try the Dr. Brown's, although I have heard good things about them. I thought I would try them as my last resort, because they are so expensive and honestly they looked complicated with the tube or whatever it is in the bottle and all that. We got lucky with our dd doing best on the cheap bottles! She is 11 wks. now.


Lindsey - June 28

Hi Jenn, we use Avent bottles which help reduce colic, just make sure you use number 1 teats with them, otherwise she will gulp it down too quickly and possibly sick it back up. How are you and your dd. My ds is 13 days old, and he's back to his birth weight and some....


ReneeM - June 28

I am using the vent air also, i really am pleased with them. They have 2 stages of nipples(stg1 slow flow, stg2 faster) My ds is 2 1/2 wk and using stg2 nipples. Really they suggest stg1 when they are that age, but he got so frustated because he could not get the formula out fast enough with the stg 1. You could try the stg1 first though and see what works best. I also like the vent mechanism in the bottle. we don't seem to have a lot of problems with gas.


angelbebe - June 28

We are using the Avent bottles and she takes it really well. I also have the hand pump by Avent that I am liking.



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