Question About Breastfed Baby And Solids

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HannahBaby - January 16

Hi all, my son is 3 months and 100% br___tfed. I was wondering when all of you br___tfeeding mommies started their babies on some solids. I started my 2 year old formula fed daughter at 3 months, but dont want to start him this early, i was just wondering what yall did....Thanks


livdea - January 16

I started my dd on solids right before 6 months, just gave her a lil cereal for a couple of weeks and now at 6.5 months she is eating veggies. I wasn't going to start anything until at least 7 months but I could tell she was ready to eat. She would watch me eat and then use her mouth the same way and she was just very interested. She still only eats solids once a day at night. She's just not into during the day. I personally (and I quote PERSONALLY) think 3 months is way too young to start solids. My dd was definitely not ready then, but you know your baby and if you think he's ready then go for it! but supposedly babies (especially bf) don't need to eat until they are 7-8 months and really active, before then its just to learn that food comes on a spoon and what not. Good luck!


HannahBaby - January 16

Thanks Liveda. I started my daughter VERY early because my mom kinda pressured me into it. She did very well with it. Im not going to start my son on solids until hes 6 months i guess (thts what doc recommended) I just wanted to see what everyone else was doing. I dont think he is as ready as his sister was either. Thanks again


EricaG - January 16

Abby is exclusively b___stfed and will be 6 months in 3 days, on the 19th. she has her 6 month check-up on that day and we will probably start solids the next day. So she will probably start at 6 months 1 day.


Erynn21 - January 16

I started my dd at 3.5 months, she is exclusively b___stfed, and I was planning to do this until at least 4-6 months, but she tried to grab a sandwich out of my hand and was trying to grab spoons, watching us eat, etc..My doctor said it was fine for her to eat solids because she is displaying all the signs she's ready for food. So I went with that, she's doing great and she's now 4 months and is really enjoying eating. If he's displaying that he's ready he probably is, if he's not wait.


sahmof3 - January 16

I started mine on rice cereal at about 4 months (all b___stfed to that point, but with some formula bottles when I went to work for my younger two). Anyway, my older two went to town with it, youngest decided he was't ready after all and I held off until 5 1/2 months with him.


LisaB - January 16

I started my bf baby on solids alittle over 4 months. He was ready then very interested and gag reflex was gone. We had some allergy issues so it took about a month to find out that rice ceral was no good and oatmeal was ok as long as it wasn't Gerber (don't ask me why but Gerber baby cereals make ds break out and upset the tummy something fierce.) anyway he was on fruits and veggies by the end of 6 months.


Emily - January 16

I started on solids about 4 months but she didn't take to them at first. She really started in on them at about 5.5 to 6 mos. I started with rice cereal and then some fruits and then moved onto the veggies and meats. I used store bought Gerber and BeechNut. She now is 7 months and loves toast cut into stipes along with pieces of biscuts….Up until about5.5 to 6 mos all she wanted to do was nurse or take pumped milk forma she is wanting to feed oldest however was also b___stfeed and started right away on cereal and fruit at 4 mos....


Lisastar9 - January 16

1rst baby ...6 months,2nd ...5.5 months 3rd at 5 months and who gives the the hardest time eating while all three were babies my last.



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