Question About Breastfeeding A Baby Poop

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jodie - September 23

So my little girl is 9 weeks old and is breasfed. She only poops every few days...and when she does it's a blow out. Anyone else have a baby like this? Is it normal???


aggie03 - September 23

normal with breasfed babies, in my experience. my dd's only got worse until I finally started her on cereal around 5 mths. This made it "thicker' and not so explosive. good luck


kimberly - September 23

My ds was b___stfed and he went after every feeding. All babies are different I guess!


jen327 - September 23

YES - my son used to poop all the time, but now it is every few days and when he does it is Ma__sive!!! I was worried too. It seems like he strains but I read that is normal.


pregnant76 - September 23

Jodie, same here! Sienna has ma__sive explosions every other day!


c_baer19 - September 23

My b___stfed DD has explosive poop every single time.. and she goes at least 3 times a day! I've only not heard her poop once in her 2 months so far - it is loud and forceful.. and can be messy!


DB - September 23

Consider yourself lucky!! My dd would poop like 4 times per day at that age and we'd go through a lot of outfits!!! They were all b__wouts it seemed!! Sounds normal to me though! Our pediatrician kept warning us that she may go a few days between poops and she just never did.


CWeber - September 23

My b___stfed baby was going as long as 6 - 10 days between bowel movements. At 10 I had her in emergency and she exploded there ;-) I started giving a suppository after day 6 as I just was not happy with him going that long. Now that he is on solids he goes daily.


SaraH - September 24

It's normal for bf babies, and nothing to worry about. Will chang once on solids.


StarsMoon - September 24

LOLOL.. c_baer19.. my lo is the same way.. loud and forceful.. She'll be sitting in DH lap and all of a sudden "there she b__ws".. DH looks so stunned hoping that that diaper will hold... I cringe just hearing it cause I know whats in there waiting for me, and if I'm lucky I can get DH to help double-team it.. My lo is 4 months old and is strictly b___stfeed. She won't even take water out of a bottle. I've tried, just to hold her over when we're out, and nope not happening..Anyways, she has gone about 3 days before having a BM. And the color, I swear it stains her little bottom an orangey tint. But, Doc says that it's all normal for BF babies...


wailing - September 29

Our pedi said same thing about ds. He was pooping exactly every 7 days and almost at the same time haha!!! Now it's btwn 4-6days (various times;) I read that b'fed bb's have less poop b/c they use so much of what's in the milk there is less waste. Wonder if that is true? We're saving tons on wipes and diapers:-)



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