Question About Car Seat Base Are They Necessary

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Kristin72 - March 14

I have a Graco car seat and base. Had it installed by the police department. We just bought a new car on Friday we went to go buy just the base for our second car so we can have one in each car..but 7 toys are us stores are out of them. one location had them in blue only ( we wanted black to go with the seats as well as the baby seat). Anyway, I thought I was s.o.l. for a while until they receive more stock. But then I happened to read the side of the baby seat off chance and it shows how to use your baby seat in the car without a base. Basically feeding the seat belt across the seat through the little leavers and doing it up on the other side. We tried this and it seems to hold the baby seat perfectly. So my question the base truly necessary? Is is legal to place the baby in the car fastened this way without the base? If not, why would this brand new baby seat give instructions on how to buckle up a baby without a base? Thankyou.


Emmie - March 14

I dont think it is illegal to use the seat with out the base. We had the base in one car and if we took the other we just strapped it in. Also some cars cannot fit a base in the backseat along with the carseat. I dont think it is quite as safe but I believe it is legal to not use the base.


mosley12 - March 14

its safe. when we went out of town in january, we flew, and didnt take the base, and just threaded it through the seat belt. the base isnt neccessary, it just makes it alot easier!


Lchan - March 14

The base is optional. It just makes it easier to snap the car seat in and out. We have the base installed in my car. When we take my dh's car, we just use the seat belt to secure the carrier. We've gotten quite quick at doing it. Incidentally I read that the seat belt is the preferred way to secure a seat over the snaps that they include.


Nerdy Girl - March 14

Yes, it's totally safe. People who live in big urban areas like New York or Chicago and don't own cars strap the infant carrier into a taxi cab all the time.


Ca__sie06 - March 14

Its safe. I actually think it is safer! We had the Evenflo Discovery and after watching the video of the seat flying out of its base on impact from the consumer report study, we used the seat without the base for a week until we could get him a new seat! It seemed much sturdier and made me feel better!


MM - March 14

I also have a Graco car seat & base. The base is just optional. I find it much easier to just snap it in but you can do it either way.


Kristin72 - March 15

Thank you all so much for your responses. :) I thought I would be breaking the law until we bought a new I am wondering if it is even necessary to get it?! We will only be using the large car on weekends anyway. This is such a relief as now I know I can use the seat in taxi's or when travelling and also in my parents cars and I will not have to worry!! Thankyou thankyou thankyou girls!!


luviduvi - March 15

The base basically makes it easier for your to get the seat in and out w/o having to strap and unstrap. Also, it is equipped with the LATCH system.


Kristin72 - March 17

luviduvi,what is a LATCH system?


luviduvi - March 17

Kristin-the LATCH system is a safety system designed for cars and carseats made for the 2002 models and after. Your car can be a 2002 but actually made in 2001 and is not eqiupped w/ the feature. It is a safety system that allows you to secure the base "into" the car other than using a "seatbelt." The LATCH has a hook at each end of the belt that is located on the carseat base. You lock the hooks onto the LATCH hooks located under the back seat. You can find it where you would find the carseat buckle.


Kara H. - March 17

I never felt I could get the base as tightly secured as I could when I didn't use the base. Yes, the base was convienent for running into and out of stores, but I didn't miss it a bit when I went to a convertable car seat. Talk about a secure fit! Our convertable is so snug! I am actually dreading going back to an infant car seat when we have a second baby and fighting with the darn thing to get it tight.


Kristin72 - March 18

thankyou so much for the info luviduvi :)


venus_in_scorpio - March 18

i hate the base it seems so unsturdy to me. i have a car seat without one and i love it. the base made me nervous... and i had the police dept. install mine at first, too...



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