Question About CIO And Living In An Apartment

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Dia_ - June 5

Hi ladies! I just posted a similar question on the third tri board, but thought maybe this board would be better. Here is the question....I am 39 weeks tomorrow and I currently own my own home. DH is getting out of the military and going to work civil service in another state. For the first 3-6 months we plan on renting an apartment so we can get settled and take our time picking our next house. I am a first time mommy so this might be a silly question. Baby will be about 3 months old when we move and I am wondering if his crying will affect my neighbors? I mean, when he gets to the point of trying to sleep through the night and we want to do the CIO that wise? Part of me says screw the neighbors, but I remember what it was like when I used to live next to a constant drove me nuts!! Do you think the baby crying in the middle of the night will wake the neighbors? Should I be concerned or even care if it does? I know some babies can cry for hours with the CIO method. Any input or advice??? Thanks!!


Bonnie - June 5

We had a tough decision with this as well. However, our neighbors have a 2 year old that SCREAMS so we said screw it, lol.


Rabbits07 - June 6

I guess it would be dependent on your experience with your neighbors...if you end up having really nice neighbors that are no problem whatsoever then in effect you would be like the constant partier that you had to deal with. If you do end up having good neighbors, hopefully they will have children and maybe you could give them a fore warning that you are going to do CIO and they will be understanding about it. If you end up having lewd and loud neighbors then I wouldn't worry about it.


Ginny - June 6

I live in a duplex, so it's a similar situation. My advice is to get to know your neighbors as soon as possible. Nice neighbors can overlook things that strangers won't. I've asked mine if the baby ever wakes her and she insist that she never hears anything. Since she's so sweet about it, I've learned to overlook her 15 year old daughter's really loud music -but then again, that may be why she didn't hear : ) Also, if your neighbors happen to complain, ask them which parts of their apartment they are in when they hear crying. You may find that different rooms of the apartment are more sound proof than others, and that if you move to a different room the problem is solved.


HannahBaby - June 6

i would not let your baby CIO in an apartment with neighbors, not only is it selfish to not think about them and their sleep, but its also emotionally hard on neighbors. Think about how you feel when your baby wont stop crying, that feeling is the same feeling that people around you get ( iwas in jcpennys the other day and there was a baby who would not stop crying, i started getting all anxious and upset, its hard to hear a baby cry like that) I dont believe in cio at 3 months, i think its ridiculous. I let my daughter CIO at 15 months, that is when it seems more appropriate to me. She knew that i wasnt coming back in to get her and settled quickly, i dont believe that a 3 month old can understand that. basically i think CIO at the young of an age is pretty much crying themselves to sleep....I dont agree with it at all. You may feel differently when you have your baby. My husband and i were adament about not putting her in our bed and the first night home, guess where she was, smack between us and stayed there for 8 months. I think that you should be concerned about your neighbors because you could have a sick, elderly, or injured next door neighbor and they deseve their peace and quiet too. And not just that, but you never know, you could get a neighbor from hell who plays rock music until 3am....Good luck, i hope that you decide to not use the CIO method so early, and i hope you have really nice neighbors


Kelly K - June 6

I would just make sure the crib isn't on the wall that is against their apartment and you should be fine. I agree with most of the others. .just get to know your neighbors and have them tell you if the baby wakes them up or disturbs them. Since you're only going to live in one for 3-6 months it shouldn't be an issue.


Dia_ - June 6

HI ladies! Thanks for your answers!! I really have not done the research on how old a baby should be before trying CIO so I don't know if 3-6 months is too young for that, but I will definitely look into it! I just had that thought and figured I would post before I forget. But thanks for all the advice!!!


YC - June 6

I live in an apartment and my daughter had colic for 10 long weeks. She cried from midnight - 4:00a.m. EVERY night. I felt bad but there was really nothing I could do. trust me...we tried EVERYTHING. I was always afraid one of them was going to call Child Protective Services or something. She would literally cry like someone was hurting her. THe neighbors never said anything but they always looked at us with these understanding looks on their faces. They all had children that were school aged sl they just looked at us and gave us the nod like "we understand what you are going through". Other than moving the crib away from a neighboring wall that's about all you can do. Most people unerstand that babies cry. About the age for ped told us to start it at our daughter's 4 month appt. so I think your 3-6 month timeframe is right. Luckily we haven't had to use it yet. I think she got all her crying out the first 10 weeks. Lots of people have had success with it. YOU do what YOU and daddy feel is best for the baby!!!


Sarahsmommy - June 6

I would suggest not doing it in the apartment. 2 reason. First I have heard you should always go to a crying baby until they are at least 6 months old, this helps them establish trust in you. Second, right now my dad is working on night shift. He is a sound sleeper, but the neighbors, have 2 kids 1 and 4 years old. They run all day and all night and he can't sleep. It really isn't fair to him at all. I think this would be the same for your neighbors.



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