Question About Crib Sheets

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drea - January 22

Is it only me or does anyone else have a REALLY hard time putting sheets on your lo's crib mattress. I find it so hard to change the sheets. Last night I cut myself trying to change them. Am I doing something wrong? Its such a pain with the bumpers and all. Arghhhhhhh!


sahmof3 - January 22

If it's a pain, you are probably doing it right lol. I'm short (5'4"), so it's hard to reach the opposite side of the crib and get everything tucked in over there. I always feel like I'm giving myself the Heimlich Maneuver.


Nita_ - January 22

yep, it's a pain for me as well!! I have to take the bumpers off and put them back on etc etc. One of my friends suggested putting 2-3 layers..i.e., mattress, mattress waterproof pad, crib sheet. Then another mattress pad, crib sheet etc That way when you have to do a change, you just rip away the top most sheet and pad and you are all set! Hope that helps! How often do you change them though? I thought I'd be needing them to be changed pretty often, but I haven't had a single peeing or pooping accident in them!


drea - January 22

I dont change them too much. More often if dd has a little leaking. I do try and layer also, but at some point i need to wash them so when I have to put new ones on its such a pain. I'm glad I not the only one having a hard time. I guess I'll just have to layer a little more so I dont have to do it that often. Someone should invent a little contraption for this kind of thing. Thanks Girls.


MellyMel - January 22

LOL. SAHM! It's a big pain in the a__s and hubby and I do it together. I could never do that myself!!! It's like putting together a freakin Rubic's Cube. Almost impossible in my book!! My daughter is 2 mo's old and we change them once a week. She's still a baby, but she sweats and spits up sometimes(belly sleeper), so we will change them once a week usually. I'm sure when she's older and starts potty training it will be more frequent, but let's not rush it. :)


SonyaM - January 22

You are not alone. It is a total pain. I make my dh do it, it's just too hard on my back. We have actually gotten to the point that we take the mattress completely out and change it that way.


lynnstress - January 22

This is the one thing that I always get hubby to do, and he has the ocasional hell of a time doing it, too.


Nerdy Girl - January 22

Not that anyone is going to go out and buy a new mattress just to make sheet changing easier, but I have to look at what brand our crib mattress is because it is literally light as a feather. I just pick it up out of the crib (easily) and put the sheets on. Then I pop the mattress back into the crib. We bought this mattress in 2002 when our first baby was born. It was one of the top crib mattresses in Consumer Reports that year.


Danielle19 - January 22

i saw this on a web site once sorry can't remember what site but they have like a zipper crib sheet and you just zip the top part off and zip on a clean on, i remember it being prety pricey though if i find the site ill let you guys know


lexa - January 22

I'm with Nerdygirl. I take the mattress out and change the cover....then plop it back in and reposition the bumper pads. The thing that gets me is the pretty little skirt that goes under the mattress! Now that to me is a pain in the rear!



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