Question About Ear Tubes

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BWIND - November 6

DS has had 3 ear infections within the last couple of months...Well he started with one....I don't believe it cleared up completely so it went into the other ear. His pediatrician has spoken to us about ear tubes. He is CONSTANTLY snotty and sounds congested. He has a clear runny nose pretty much all the time. Some times it isn't as bad....but it is still there...Will ear tubes help with this?


DB - November 7

HAHA, are you shocked I'm here to answer!!! Audrey basically almost always has the same thing. I'm not sure if the ear tubes help with the congestion?!?!? I'm curious too! Maybe someone else knows? Audrey is sick again (tummy issues-she threw up today at daycare), so I'm waiting to see what this turns into. If we end up back at the doctor I'll try to ask him about this.


docbytch - November 7

Well I can tell you this much: When I was a child I had so many ear infections that the fluid acc_mulation over time reduced my hearing to 15-20% of normal. I was in kindergarten at the time and they (the school) thought I was retarded or autistic because my lack of hearing made me disrupt the cla__s so much. My moms best friend...a deaf woman from birth caught it and told her what my issue really was. She saved my a__s because I got taken in to be evaluated and ear tubes turned out to be my ticket...back to normalcy!! It turned out I wasn't such a retard after all (this is meant to be humorous so hopefully no one will be offended). Ear tubes are much more hi-tech now I am sure (mine were placed in 1972...the surgery was still relatively new and had I been born only 10 years earlier I could have lost my hearing for good). I say get them if they are being recommended. Take it from someone who knows. Good luck


iemc19 - November 8

My daughter is now 7 - and she 'pa__sed' all her hearing tests - well she failed them but it was decided she failed because she chose not to react - this was over 6 years ago - in the UK, now at least they have gone more hi-tec with thier tests....But...she alwasy had a cold, blocked nose the usual...At about 2/3 we finally clicked that she wasn't reacting as well as she should be - sometimes she would hear, other days she wouldn't...Gradually it got so that it was consistent in one ear...And after a few tests it was deemed that she had a lot of fluid in both ears and more in one....This had also affected her speech - she was slower to talk...We were offered tubes or asked if we would like to sit and wait - that a lot of children outgrew it...We agreed to wait a year and see...I'm pleased we did - there was a marked improvement and by the time she started her pre-school year the problem had remedied itself...Her speech although slow to begin, flowed quickly enough - and then some!! - She could still hear it was just certain days and then angles...She never had ear-ache as a young child - or to this day....But we have noticed she suffers badly from nose-bleeds - whenever she has a cold, choked nose anything like that - she gets loads...All theses things are connected I who is to say that tubes might not have aided that?? I don't know....At the time we were thinking about it, there were too many kids around that had them popping back out, couldn't then go swimming etc...Again...I don't really know much about that....Times move on, things change so much....Oh and she is one of those awful 'sniffy' kids in the winter!! haha


DeeD - November 8

Yes...they will. Most likley there is constant fluid in the ears too and the tubes will help them drain. I have had 4 of the 7 kids with horrible ears. # of the kids have had tubes. It helped all three of the kids, but my oldest still has horrible ear infections but is too old for tubes. So, he is on an decongestant/antihistamine constantly to keep his ears clear. As long as he takes the meds...he has no ear infections. The tube surgery is simple and quick. My youngest to get tubes was 5 months old. She had an earinfection from the time she was 6 weeks old.



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