Question About Eczema And Baby Lotion

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eclipse - February 13

I use the Bert's Bee baby bee lotion on my lo. I have no idea how expensive it is-we got that and bath soak as a gift. I have noticed that using the bath soak powder has definitely lessened his peeling after a bath. It smells good too, and is made with b___termilk, a natural emollient. Good luck with the eczema-this may not help your cause at all, but its worth a shot if they have trial samples (I think they do, at least of the lotion)


AmyB - February 13 son is 3 1/2 and he got diagnosed with eczema at 5 months...what fun...i still have to use dreft on him and sensitive dove soap and dove shampoo..the doctor prescribed him triamcinalone acetate (it does not have steriod in it) and i use that on his "rash" spots after bath and i put A&D over it the pediatrician said it helps it absorb in the skin and not get rubbed off..this works really well for my son...and them for his body where there are no rash spots i use curel non fragrence..with eczema it is finding out what "triggers" it..for some kids it is material in their clothes..for others it can be food, or dust, or even animals...good really is a guessing game to see if you can figure out what is causing it..


Keli - February 13

I use Aveeno bath and lotion for my baby. But I just found at babiesrus Baby Eczema Lotion. It was about $7 for a small tube, but so far, it works the best! Cortaid works good on spots too. Stay away from anything that has perfumes or dies or fragrance in them.


mischelly30 - February 14

My son had eczema on his face and his scalp. It wasn't too bad but he tended to scratch at it when he's tired, which made it worse. I put hydrocortisone cream on it 2x a day and used Aquaphor as needed (when it looked dry), and it healed it up quite nicely.


Rabbits07 - February 14

My oldest daughter has eczema and when she was younger her pedi recommended Eucerin Creme. She also has an rx for Elidel when it gets really bad. I had been using the Aveeno Baby on Mason and his skin was always so soft and moisturized. Then I bought something else a couple of months ago and a few days later I noticed the little red dry patches all over him. I immediately went back to the Aveeno and am sticking with that. Cortisone can cause thinning of the skin when used long term so it's good idea to try to prevent outbreaks so that you don't have to use it. Keep an eye on what detergents, fabric softeners, perfumes, etc. your dd comes into contact with and whether they cause break outs. With our oldest dd her first break out came after I changed fabric softener sheets. There are also several detergents we are unable to use. Also, just cold weather in general breaks dd out so she has to dress very warmly...even has to wear gloves or keep her hands in her pockets in the cold section of the grocery store.


Nita_ - February 14

Neha's red rashes on the back of her neck are pretty much gone! and her elbow rash has also lightened quite a bit! I can't believe in just a day of using aquaphor on her (the sample I had at home).Thanks so much ladies! I LOVE this forum! :)


renee - February 15

Can you use aquaphor on the face? My dd has such a red face all of the time. Also has bad cradle cap. I am always afraid of what to put on her face



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