Question About Eggs

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ssmith - January 18

My dd has had egg yolk with no problems, she's 8 .5 months. I know that you are not supposed to introduce egg white until 1 year....but what about foods that have whole egg in them? Are you suppose to avoid those? Things like pancakes, muffins, pasta has whole egg too doesn't it? I'm sure that babies under a year old have eaten these foods before.....I'm confused.


ashtynsmom - January 18

I have been feeding my dd french toast for a few months now. She has done fine.... She will not eat straight egg, though ( like scrambled) so it really hasn't been an issue for us otherwise. I gave them early, and I know a few other moms on here did, too. I guess avoid the egg while as a single substance, and don't worry if it is jsut an ingredient??


Mentally_Irregular - January 18

Yes - that is exactly right... It's not as bad when it's mixed into something like breads and pancakes, but on it's own, the egg white can cause allergies.


ssmith - January 18

Thanks ladies. I didn't understand how I could avoid egg white completely when so many foods have eggs (jncluding whites) in them!


sahmof3 - January 18

Yes, that's true. Eggs are usually ok in things. My son was allergic to egg whites, as well as yolks, (the first time I gave him scrambled eggs he got hives and began vomiting immediately), but he was fine with pastas and cakes and such that have eggs in them. Some with exrteme allergies wouldn't be able to eat all of those things, but for most it's fine!


Emily - January 18

I have an egg question, when did some of you with older babies first give scrabled eggs? I can't remember when we gave them to Mary, but I know it was before a year. Macy is 7 mos. I don’t see me giving them to her for a while, but I wanted some opinions. I am looking for foods I can give her. She will eat strained baby food but would rather feed herself. She can't do that off of a spoon yet, but can grasp things in her fingers (pinch grasp) and chews her food with her gums….(no teeth yet) but I am looking for something other than toast strips to give her...


Steph - January 18

Trevor is now 6.5 months old and he had scrambled eggs last night for dinner. His ped said it was fine to give him any table foods as long as they don't pose a choking hazard....He didn't have any reaction to them. My ped is an anti-baby food guy....he told me that even if your the worst cook in the world it's going to be better than the baby food that's out there! Which, Trevor also gets as well as reg table food.


jorden - January 18

i started giving my son scrambled eggs at 6 months. His ped said i could try whatever i wanted(u know except the major things...peanuts, peanut b___ter ect.) as long as i gave it to him with nothing else that was new...that way i would know if he was allerigic to that particular food. But he has done fine on everything...i also started milk at like 9 months.



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