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KrisD - November 23

Hi - My son is 12 weeks... I never thought I would have to worry about flat head b/c I don't think he is on his back during the day very much. But the other day I thought I noticed something weird about the back of his head then thought it was just my imagination. Well, tonight, my husband pointed it out to me. The thing is, my son always has his head turned to the right when he is laying down. And only the right back side of his skull seems flat. But I keep trying to get him to look to the left and it seems he doesn't want to - it's more comfortable to look to his right. Should I be concerned? Do all babies get some degree of flat head?? Can it get a lot worse? Is this something associated with neglected babies? I am nervous - I hear an awful lot about helmets these days... How do I help it?


d - November 23

If you want you can have him sleep on his tummy provided that he sleeps in your room so you can keep an eye on him. My son slept like that from birth and his head is o.k. I never heard about helmets.


me - November 23

My baby also flat head on the right side because he keeps laying down to the right when he was born. I tried to change his sleeping position many times but he cried. On the 1 mth check up the dr said his left muscle is a little bit stiff because he keep sleeping that way.If you could just try put him in the infant seat/ give him more tummy times. My son is 4 mth old now and his flat head is getting better because he has a lot of tummy times, and he doesn't only look to the right anymore.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 23

There are alot of things you can do, but I want to first of all say it is nothing you are doing that is making this the way it is, some babies are born with a flat head. You can put him on his tummy more, flip him in the bed so that to look out in the room he has to look the opposite way, when he sleeps, fold a blanket and place it under the flat side of his head and he will more than likely change positions, you can get a sleep positioner and lay him on his side. My daughter has somewhat of a flat head, but it is nothing that her doctor is worried about. USUALLY, in order for them to be sized for a helmet, there has to be a flat spot that is drastically noticable, and the ears are usually uneven. You can look at his ears from the top of his head, the front and back and make sure they all line up. It could be that it is just more comfortable for him to sleep like that but just work with him, during the day when he is on his tummy help him turn his head from side to side by moving a toy around in front of him (get his neck muscles working) Good luck and if you are really worried, talk to your doctor about it.


KrisD - November 23

Thanks for your answers guys. There's so much to think about when you are a mom!


It will be fine - November 24

Do not listen to d and let them sleep on their tummy, SIDS. It happened to my child and same as you, right side. Eventually your baby will swap sides more when they sleep cause mine used to favor one side also. It does right itself like my doctor said and she is fine now.


d - November 24

Not another anonymous person. That annoys me. What do you mean don't listen to d? Because of that comment I went on to the internet to learn more about flat head. I found that flatening can be minor that can go away a bit or it can be a major flatening that can be permanent but it won't affect the brain developement. There are parents who are concerned about the shape of the head and want to know how to help. They provide many examples and one of them is to provide more tummy time. I found a couple who tried everything and their baby would not cooperate with the ideas so they decided to buy the helmet. They had insurance but it is very costly for those who are not covered. I saw pictures of a baby and the helmet really works. For me, I decided to put him on his tummy from birth. I was raised like that, nothing happend to me. I'm not dead. His crib was next to my bed and I would jump and the slightest whimper. I care for him as much as a parent who chooses to have their baby to sleep on the back. I noticed he had developed very good neck muscles and was able to hold his up in the first month. I think babies get stronger as they get older and the risk of SIDS decreases. When he ws able to roll he could also move himself to sleep on either of his side whever he wanted. I try to put him on his back but he prefers to turn and sleep on his tummy.


to D - November 24

maybe you should go looking for answer more often before typing...


to Kris - November 24

You should worry about it too much remember their bones are really soft right now. So just because it is flat now doesnt mean it is going to remain that way. Not only did my baby have flat head but because she was vacc_mmed out at birth she had a terrible case of CONEHEAD! Her head is perfectly round now and even if the flatness would have remained, I always kept in mind one day she would have hair, so it would not be so bad. She still has no hair so I am happy that it rounded out.


to Kris - November 24

Should read "should NOT worry too much"


BBK ® © - November 24

KrisD our daughter had the same issue, a bit of a flat spot on the right of the back of her head; obviously because she slept on it more. I asked out pediatrician and he said not to worry, try to give her more tummy time and when she stands up more the problem will correct itself. Sure enough she started sitting more now and her head is rounding up well. So it will get better, not worse


Shelly - November 24

Jesse used to do this and when he was a sleep I used to turn his head facing the other way.It has helped b/c he does not have a flathead.


Mena - November 24

My son always slept on his left side & got a really flat head on that side too ... I started rolling up a recieving blanket & tucking it under the left side of his side & down his back just so he was slightly on his side. That way he was unable to turn fully on his left, he's 5 months now & the flat side of his head has rounded out much more now that he's been sleeping more on his right side.


monica - November 24

my son still has a flat left side. I turn him around in his crib so his head will be turned on the right. It will go away...


d - November 25

Another rude anonymous person.



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