Question About Flying With 4 5month Old

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RLWilcox - October 13

In about 2weeks I will be flying from Cali to Texas with my 4.5 month old son and I was just wondering if anyone has any ideas as to how to keep him calm. My DH is driving out their at a later date so I will be flying alone with him. Any advise is helpful, thanks. FYI its about a 3 hour flight with a 2 hour layover in Vegas.


RLWilcox - October 14



TiffanyRae - October 14

Hi RL...I asked this same question a few weeks ago...I am going to be flying with a three month old from Hawaii to Minnesota....with layovers the flight will be 13 hours! Lol I am not excited...but the other moms gave me some great can search for the post if you want cause I don't remember all the advice but some was: Breast feed/bottle feed/or paci at take off to help with pressure....bring your boppy for comfort if you are not buying a seat for LO....ummm....check as many items as you can....gosh I am sorry RL I can't remember anymore of them! I will have to go back and search for the post before I fly also I guess!!! Sorry I wasn't much help...but there is a post somewhere!!! Have a great day!


RLWilcox - October 14

Thanks TiffanyRae, I thought I saw this post before but I couldn't find it. Wow 13 hours...makes mine look like nothing. Do you think if the baby is sleeping their ears will pop?


TiffanyRae - October 15

RL I would a__sume so...though I don't know for sure. I know everything that I have googled and everyone I ask say to feed or do something that causes them to suckle during take off and for the first part of the flight and it helps relieve the pressure...I have a funny feeling that even if they are sleeping during take off the higher you get with more pressure they will wake up because of the sensation. I am actually pretty nervous to fly home but its gotta be done! I am staying a month...just because I want to make it worth while for us to travel that much...and pay so much for that matter! Good Luck with your flight!!! I amsure everything will be great!


lin7604 - October 15

so what do you do with a 14.5 month old? We are going to mexico in Jan and he is 11.5 months now and very active! He has been walking since 10 months and is running all over the place now. I think i will be very much challenged on a plane to keep him confined in such a small space especially on the charter planes! Hopefully he will be mostly on people food by them, it's been a slow process- he still won't eat pasta, cheese or fruit and many more. but will only need 2 bottles a day max, so that will help a bit. but i will need to bring stuff on board to keep him busy and with small weight allowances it will be tough.


TiffanyRae - October 15

Lin are you buying a seperate ticket for your LO? If so then you get to bring bags for him know like we are allowed two checked bags each and two carry on's....a bag and a purse ect....he/she is allowed that same amount...I think even if you didn't buy a ticket he/she is allowed their own carry I know that is more for you to carry but a small backpack just for your LO's items is a good idea! Good Luck to you also! I am sure you will be spending alot of time in the isle's of the aircarft...walking them up and down! Hope you have a smooth flight!!! :)


priya79 - October 15

Hi..I am going to fly with my then 9 month old dd to India from Florida. It is a 18 hour flight and I am going to go alone. I am already lost and as it is 2 years since I have been home, I am taking this risk. When coming back we have 13 hours lay off time in Dubai and then the rest of the flight will take about 15 hours..I am going to go MADDDDDDDD....RLW, Tiffany and lin..Please give me also some ideas!!!


RLWilcox - October 17

Hey girls, I found this web site that may help...its helped me. Its (dot htm) I dont know what airline you are flying but I'm going on South West and I know that if you have a baby and you need help most of the time they will give you a "escort pa__s" so that someone can help you to your gate, if not they will have someone help you like a flight attendant or someone who works at the airport. Also SW will let you sit your little one next to you if the plane isn't full, sense you pick your own seats when you check in you can ask if the plane is full.



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