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Renee924 - March 13

My dd is 9 weeks old and is fed ebm. The pediatrician and I both agree that I'll probably be needing to supplement her with formula. We have powedered enfamil because they sent us samples, but I don't really like it. It foams up when I mix it which makes me think she'll be swallowing more air and it smells horrible. What brands of formula do you ladies use and recommend?


Deirdra - March 13

LOL> you think that formula smells try enfamil nutrmagin! its predigested, so it smells even worse than that! lol...but yea..thats what i used...and powder formula foams up when you shake it. its just from the shaking of the worries hun, but if you dont like it, try premixed formula like ready to feed or try concertrate in which you mix with water...but i myself prefer the powder even though the foam and smell b/c my Ds eats more. also all formula stinks! lol...just gotta deal with it..


Joanne - March 13

Target brand formula does not foam. I noticed that too about the Enfamil. We've used Target brand exclusively except for a few samples of the other


Rhiannon - March 13

Costco brand doesn't foam either and it's super cheap.


AnytimeLittleone - March 13

Anything will foam if you shake it. I would do what Deirdra reccomended, and buy the premixed, or the concentrate that you mix with water. OR, you could premake some of the powder, and let it sit in the fridge to settle. Use what you have, no sence in buying more formula if you dont have to...


Hermans Mom - March 13

I've had to supplement. At first we used Enfamil but our daughter spit up a lot. We switched to Carnation Good Start as it is supposed to be easier to digest as per our pediatrician. So far things have been better and it seems to agree with our DD better than Enfamil. I can't wait for the day when we don't need this and my b___stmilk is enough :)



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