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Michele - March 6

I was wondering does anyone use Target (or any store) brand formula? I was told about this website and read all about it and they seem just as good as the name brands and it is made by the company that makes Robitussin, Advil etc. I was thinking of trying it but wabted to see if anyone uses it. Thanks.


Beth - March 18

with my daughter I have used all different kinds of formula, including store brand. It doesn't matter; you can use whatever your child will drink. Two pediatricians have told me that and I know there are strict guidelines for baby formula and baby food to be FDA approved. However, some babies are particular. The formulas all have the same nutrients and stuff in them, but they smell and (I would a__sume) taste differently.


Jbear - March 22

My daughter was on WIC and she got 8 cans of powder formula a month. Those 8 cans were Enfamil, but we needed 4 more cans a month, and we bought Wal-mart's store brand. It smelled better and was easier to clean out of bottles. There was a problem in Nov 2002 about contaminated generic baby formula. (in San Antonio, I don't know if it happend everywhere) My daughter had used the formula, and had a stomach flu, so we ended up sc___ping poo out of diapers for a week for testing. But that could just as easily have happened with the real brand.


Samantha B - April 1

Please tell me I'm not the only mommy tasting formula, baby food and putting shampoo in her eyes! --(to see if it's really tearless) lol Formula does smell bad and doesn't taste much better either. I found some store brands --Walmart in particular-- seemed more oily than the Enfamil. I found the smell really unpleasant-- but that is totally personal. I didn't like the aftertaste either. I avioded ALL Nestle's products--due to corporate irresponsibility--again personal. So I have no idea how it tastes or smells. Similac was too oily for my tastes as well. Baby on the other hand, didn't care which we used. You should base it on what in it and your babies needs. Do read the labels--can't stress that enough!


Maleficent - April 1

i tasted everything too, even the tear-free-ness of shampoo. lol. and i agree, read the lables, not all formula is created equal, but there is nothing wrong with trying a less expensive brand. i won't touch nestle either samantha. are we twins?


Maureen - April 9

I just read all your answers and very interesting indeed. I'd like to know what's the story with Nestle? I didn't hear anything about it. I'm giving baby Enfamil because that's what they gave him at the hospital. I gave him that and b___stfed when he was bornl. Now he's only taking Formula and just, just started Pablum. Baby is a good eater thankgoodness. That's the most important thing anyways, a Healthy Baby.


Maleficent - April 10

you can find info on the nestle boycott at their marketing tactics in many parts of the world are illegal, unethical, and have casued hundreds of infant deaths.



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