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ella431 - March 24

The bottle I have does not say how to give it to the baby... do I mix it with the bottle? or do I just put it in my babies mouth? Thanks!


ella431 - March 24

also forgot to ask, should you give it right before a feeding? or after? whens the best time? thanks again


jenna32 - March 25

i don't think you are supposed to mix it. i don't know when you are supposed to, i just give her it when she gets fussy and nothing else seems to be the problem.


Mariefe - March 25

I use woodwards gripe water to my lo. The dosage says that 1to 6 months old - 1 teaspoon (5ml), 6 to 2 yrs old- 2 teaspoons (10 ml), 2 yrs old and above- 2-3 teaspoons (10-15ml). These dosage may be given during or after each feed up to 4 times in 24 hours. I started giving gripe water to my daugther since she was 2 months old (now she is almost 5 months old) but i give it only when i feel that she has wind pain or digestive upset anytime.. I usually mix it with her milk. It worked wonders for her. It does get rid of her gas and grumpiness..


melissap - March 25

I don't think you are supposed to mix it, use a medicine dropper like giving tylenol.


Mariefe - March 25

In my case, its my doctor's advice to mix it with the milk. My LO cant take it if i use dropper. She gets choked and spit out the medicine.


lily10 - March 25

I used to put it in a gerber baby bottle with a nuk nipple and just feed it to my daughter. I never mixed it because my dd was only nursing when I used gripe water. I found that giving it to her before we reached the "witching hour" helped keep my dd fussy episode a tad shorter.


arati_k - March 25

hi ella, i read one book and it says gripe water contains alcohol i know even my mom doesn't agree on that as she gave it to me too so it is up to you .


javidsgirl - March 26



ginger6363 - March 26

javidsgirl is correct. It may have once contained alcohol but that was before regulations of today. The gripe water you buy at the store has no alcohol.


melissap - March 26

Javidsgirl and ginger I have to disagree with you as I am reading my bottle of gripe water right now and the kind I have does contain alcohol. You can buy the alcohol free, but my mom picked up the one with. It is the Original Kolik gripe water. It contains dill oil, ginger, baking soda and lastly alcohol.


jenna32 - March 26

yea theres one without alcohol,one without... i don't see why you wouldn't get it without!


javidsgirl - March 26

well i guess in the states they are behind us . ours dont contain alcohol after who in thier right mind would want to give anything containig alcohol to a child. i know i will probably be attacked for saying that but i dont care my dd is my whole life i couldnt imagine anything happening to or any child for that matter they are just too precious


melissap - March 26

actually i am from Canada and actually I had a bottle of the life brand from shopper's drug mart and I got curious and the 3rd ingredient listed is ethanol which is alcohol. I have given this to all 3 of my kids and still use it on my older ones when they have an upset stomach. I guess I never really thought that if my doc recommended it it would hurt to each their own in their opinions.


Mariefe - March 26

The gripe water i have here (Woodward's) only contains terpeneless dill seed oil and sodium bicarbonate. My doctor told me that if this gripe water does not work for my lo, she'll recommend to me another type which is a bit stronger.. I dont know, that stronger one may contain alcohol that you have been mentioning here.


name - March 27

you can give it straight or mix it with formula, b___stmilk, or water. around feedin time is the best time, and before bed. altho ppl swear wonders by gripe water, it didn't help my son at all.


name - March 27

just a side note- adults can take gripe water too, and i just took some (left in the fridge from my son) for diareah and it taste horrible!



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