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lilaggie2002 - April 17

Today, I took ds to the photographer for his 3 month pics....he wont officially turn 3 months til Sunday...anyhow we went to the photographer (whom I pay very good money for his services)..anyhow he sits nicholas on his tummy and Nicholas refuses to lift his head...he would lift it, just not as high as the guy wanted for the pics...he asked me if i cared and i said no...that I would be happy with laying down pics as he puts nicholas in this moses basket and Nicholas is just looking around...he goes okay lets get him to my head im thinking Nicholas only smiles when being physically interacted with...well after 5 shots and only one half smile the guy says thats it...hes not going to can either reschedule or you can take what i thinking well for someone who supposedly wants my business that that is really rude to say...i look at the pics and there are 2 pics that I like so i say Im okay with the two b/c it is difficult to reschedule... So here are my major questions....should a 3 month old be able to completely lift up his head? should he be able to smile without some physical interaction and do you think this guy was rude so i should find a new photographer...


LisaB - April 17

find a new photographer. There are amazing photographers out there that will spend quailty time and energy with your child. My phtographer schedules 2 seesions a day 1 am and 1 pm so the parent and child can nurse if need be, play, sleep whatever it takes to get great photos! Send your guy packing


Shea - April 17

Sounds like I got more personal attention at JC Penney's. He was rude and obviously not good w/ babies. Also, they used a boppy pillow under the drape so that Braden didn't have to lift his head much or could even kindof lay his head down and it still was a cute shot. The photographer was very interactive to get him to smile and they spent about 1/2 hr with him. I would just go to someone else - sorry you had such a c___ppy experience.


lilaggie2002 - April 17

I am going to take him someplace else..i paid $50 for an extra outfit etc and my dh really wanted his pics in I guess I will be traveling to houston to go to jcp. or someplace else.


Bonnie - April 17

search on the web for local photographers. If you are going to shell out good money for a photographer, find one that you can see their work first. That way you know they will be good with babies. That guy was an idiot. :(


soon2bemomof3 - April 17

OMG, I had a similar situation when I took ds to get his 3 months pictures taken too. He kept getting fussy and was tired and the gal said "is he smiling yet" and I said "sometimes" so she insisted on rescheduling so we could get pictures of him SMILING. HELLO, when you get their photos done at 3 months you kind of take what you can get....sleeping, smiling, half smiling, crying, whatever. I was so mad. No your ds shouldn't be holding his head up fully yet and smiling that young is exactly what you said, they only do it once in a while with alot of interaction. What a bozo!!!!


lilaggie2002 - April 17

I have used this guy before, for Nicholas' newborn pics...he was soo good for those. I was just really unimpressed today.


NVgirl - April 17

I took my DD to WalMart for her 3 month pics back in Feb. They have them sitting up with you holding the back of their neck. Your arm is under the sheets so not noticeable. Check them out at: •••• Anyhow, I think the photographer was RUDE. I'm a professional photographer with a degree and would never say or do such things. Not all pictures has a smiling baby -- even the ones you take yourself. You have the right to be angry and I would say never to use his services again.


NVgirl - April 17

No dashes between the 2 & the 7, or after the 7


lilaggie2002 - April 17

Well here's some good news...I went today to a friends baby shop and she is hosting this new photographer that has just arrived in town...she is offering free consultations I am going to sign up...I looked up her credentials from the other city and they were great. I hope this one works!


hangingonamoment - December 16

If a photographer is going to be taking newborn baby pictures, they should make you feel 110% comfortable with working with your baby. Look for a photographer that has session times. Many allow 1-2 hours. Find a photographer who LOVES BABIES and not one who is all about their "Art"



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