Question About Playtex Ventaire Bottles

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jessb - February 26

This is probably a stupid question, but I got some vent aires as a gift. I dont really understand how they get put together. I mean there is a clear plastic piece that goes on the bottom and covers the holes on the very bottom. But whats the point? IT doesnt really seem like it vents the air at all? Do I have them put together wrong, is there something Im not doing right?


Cheryl - February 26

I have one that I haven't used yet and that seemed weird to me too but you keep the vent on the holes and to my understanding that prevents the air from getting in the bottle. Try it and let me know how it works...I'm curious..:) I'm still using the Avent nurser bottles right now..


Kelly K - February 26

It's not a stupid question at all. All we use is the VentAire and I love them. The clear plastic piece lets the air escape while they are sucking, but closes up when they stop to prevent air from getting back into the bottle.


Nerdy Girl - February 26

Yes, if the bottle didn't vent, then the baby would create a vacuum via their sucking. Side note ---- if you find that your baby is still ga__sy with the Ventaires, try Dr. Browns bottles. We have an extremely ga__sy 3 month old and could not believe the improvement when we switched from Ventaire to Dr. Browns.


jessb - February 27

Thank you everyone for the answers. WE tired the vent aires last night and she did well with them. She was pretty ga__sy last night and early this morning though, so we didnt get a good nights sleep. I dont know if that was from the bottles or just something I ate though. I will continue with the vent aires but if the ga__siness continues we will try Dr Browns.


MJM - February 27

Do you have the gerber gas drops? They are spendy but help out a lot!


Nerdy Girl - February 27

MJM, we need to use the gas drops too. Try to find "Little Tummys" brand. They have them at Babies R Us and are way cheaper than the Gerber or Mylicon, with the same active ingredient.


Corissa - February 28

I was wondering if anyone else had the "Vacuum" problem like Nerdy Girl said? We take the bottles apart everytime we wash them, and piece them back together before she eats, but every now and then we have one that as soon as she starts sucking the nipple collapses down to nothing, then I have to listen to her scream while I try to fix it. Does anyone else have this problem or know what causes it?


MJM - February 28

I never had the vacuum problem. That is weird, I used them with my daughter 5 years ago and never had the issue either. I wonder what that is all about. Maybe the little holes are clogged. I use a tooth brush on the bottom rubbery piece.


jessb - February 28

I have had the vaccuum problem. I thought my daughter was trying to eat too fast or something. It takes her a long time to eat a couple of ounces out of the ventaires. I have a slow flow nipple on them which is what i am supposed to use for a new born, but it seems she hardly gets anything out.


Corissa - February 28

We started Willow with the fast flows at about a month old. She was barely getting anything out of the slow flows and would get really upset and refuse to eat. I guess I have a little piggy because she can suck down a 6 oz bottle in about 6 minutes. Maybe she does suck too hard or too fast and the bottle just can't keep up!


Kelly K - February 28

Make sure you boil the nipple and plastic piece for 5 minutes before using and then once a week after. I've never have the vacuum problem with any of the 15 ventaires that we have.


Corissa - February 28

We are avid boilers. Sometimes I think my DH is boil crazy! I guess we are a rare few who have had this vacuum problem!



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