Question About Rice Ceral

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Mrs.Ireland - December 6

Ok, so I posted on her yesterday about my dd (4 months old) that she wasn't sleeping anymore during the night. It started when we got back from my parents for Thanksgiving. The only thing that I have done different if started giving her rice cereal with the banana flakes. That would be doing anything to her would it? I am just at my wits end, I am so exhausted and my husband doesn't help out at all. I am about to lose it, please help.


javidsgirl - December 6

is she waking up hungary? or is just refusing to go back to sleep? i have a fourth month old dd that tried to pull this too what i did was i starting giving her cereal and some baby food one teaspoon of each 2x a day this solved the problem for me


javidsgirl - December 6

four not fourth


Mrs.Ireland - December 6

it's a liitle bit of both


laurenl - December 6

My daughter is 6 and a half months old now. She started sleeping through the night at about 6-7 weeks with the help of some rice cereal in her bottle. At about 4 months, she STOPPED sleeping through. Up like 5 times a night, but it wasn't to eat, pretty much I just had to put her pa__sy back in her mouth and she would go right back to sleep. Now, she's better, but she'll go a few nights and sleep all night and then be up a few times. Better than having to feed her at night, but I still have to get up and walk upstairs to her bedroom. Does your daughter take a pacifier?


KOGreer - December 7

My son did the same thing for a week. He was only waking once each night to feed, then all of a sudden he was up all hours of the night. I chalked it to him just getting over a horrible stomach virus, plus traveling on top of that. Then a few days later...out pops his first tooth! Surprise! So maybe your daughter is teething?


kimberly - December 7

3 to 4 months is a bad sleep time for babies. I am not sure why but I had trouble with my boys at that age and now I am having problems with my dd. The rice cereal probabaly has nothing to do with it but just in case maybe try the rice cereal without the banana flakes and see if that helps. I think they develop a good sense of thier surroundings at this age and this makes them a little insecure. Or it could be teething, my dd is teething and she has had some rough nights because of that too. I also agree that maybe a pacifier would be a good idea, if you don't already use one.


Mrs.Ireland - December 7

Thanks Ladies :-) She is definitely teethings and has been for weeks. I just wish and pray that those darn teeth pop soon, she just constantly is chewing on her fingers and drooling.


c_baer19 - December 7

Other than teething, I've read that they also usually have a growth spurt around 4 months, so you may need to give her a little more food during the day to help her sleep better at night! Good luck.



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