Question About Shyness

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ssmith - March 9

Just curious to get some opinions ~~ Do you think that shyness is a trait that you are born with, or is it something that you learn / become later on in childhood?


CyndiG - March 9

I think it's something you are born with. My 8 year old dd isn't shy, so to speak, but she is sooo anxious! Over everything. Dogs, cutting her fingernails, bandaids! She about dies if anything gets stuck to her! LOL! But she really was like that from birth. After she was born, she wouldn't nurse for 7 hours. She's always been cautious like that. She won't jump into anything! Carlie, who is 7 1/2 months, is the polar opposite. Nothing bothers her! Nothing scares her, or makes her anxious. She's outgoing in her personality, and she's been that way since birth. She nursed within the first 10 minutes of birth. I know I still have alot of learning about her to do but....I say all that to say, I think it's something your born with.


snugglybugglys - March 9

I also think it's something you are born with. My oldest dd is VERY shy. Right from the beginning.


ssmith - March 10

I asked the question because I am a very shy person, and my 10 month old dd seems very social and outgoing, just loves people. I guess I should really ask my Mom what I was like as a baby....but I thought I'd see what you all thought too.


luviduvi - March 10

I def. think its in our DNA but I do think too that a child will learn what they see


Hi - March 10

I have had 2 shy babies.And they were both shy from birth.My oldest has always been out going with everyone.He still is .My younger ones are still shy ,of course the baby is 9 months.But cla__sic example.We went to get his pic's taken and he went to screaming.He hated when the woman just looked at him from across the room,lol.Needless to say no pic's.He won't go to anyone but me and daddy.So in my experience they are deffinitely born with it.I myself am shy and my mom says I used to always hug her thigh and hide behind her b___t when we'd visit family and friends,lol.


mandee25 - March 10

I came from two shy parents and my sister and I are both mainly shy although I am better than I used to be. I think it's a little of both.


ash2 - March 10

ummm, i think it can be both. I think many people are born with it, but it can also be in how you were raised.



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