Question About Sleeping How Many Blankets Do You Use

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Dia_ - June 25

Hi girls! My DS is 10 days old and his temperature was a little cool in the hospital. It was about 97.5 and they really wanted it to be in the 98s so they put him under heat lamps to get it up there then we kept him wrapped in about 3-4 hospital receiving blankets the whole time. Now that I am home I am kind of paranoid about his temperature. How many blankets do you ladies put on your little ones? Is it different during the day than at night? I don't want to make him too hot, but I also don't want to make him too cold. Any advice is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!!!


Ang - June 25

I swaddle my son in 2-3 standard size hospital blankets even now when he's 6 months *sigh* where did all that time GO?? They're thin blankets and it gets quite warm/humid here but I think he's fine -- doesn't seem to mind and won't sleep unless swaddled.


Annette - June 25

I have found that the rule "what is good for you is good for your baby" worked very well for me. Now in summer I don´t do more than 1 very light cotton blanket, but I live in NY and my apartment is a potsticker cooker. Actually, a couple nights ago I ran the A/C and threw an extra blanket on my baby thinking it would be too cold for him. I so regret! he sweated to the point the mattress was moist under the sheets. My son won´t fall asleep unless swaddled but once he is in Dreamland, I unwrapp him. I would say if it´s hot, you don´t need more than 1 but nothing better than following your mother´s instinct, I am sure you will know right away what is better for him.


Annette - June 25

I should also say, if baby is too hot or too cold... he will most likely let you know.


Dia_ - June 25

Thanks ladies! I appreciate your advice. I am very new at this and muddling my way through :) I live in FL and it is about 99 degrees everyday - - I keep my little Hunter inside unless we have to go to a doctors appointment. My house is about 77 degrees during the day - mainly because my A/C can't keep up with the outside heat - and it is at about 73 at night. Thanks again ladies!!! :)


SonyaM - June 25

We don't use any blankets anymore as my son is almost 9 months old and too mobile. He moves ALL over his crib at night so a blanket would never stay put and I don't think the sleep sacks are practical at this age. i also think it depends on the climate where you are and if you use the ac or not. Use your gut instinct and I am sure he will be fine. Congrats on the baby!!!


ash2 - June 25

i wrap 1 recieving blanket under his arms so when he pulls his arms up it wont get into his face. you dont want to make it too hot, but you want it to be cool so he wont sweat.


Dia_ - June 25

By the way...another question...what temperature do you guys keep your house at? Just wanting to compare!!! Thanks again!


miami_loca - June 26

hey dia---we live in FL too and always have the a/c blasting at night---around 73-74. I tryto keep it a little warmer during the day---about 77-78. Otherwise the unit will run CONSTANTLY. When my son Dominic was first born (3-23) i kept him swaddled in 1 light blanket and he was wearing clothes as well. Now that he's a lil older and dosnt need the swaddling as much, i put him in a sleeper with no blankets at all. The sleeper keeps him warm in our cold bedroom, and i dont have to freak about blankets gettting on his face.


ash2 - June 26

i keep my house around 74-75 degrees with electric heat and air, not gas



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