Question About Spitting Up

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Ronni - July 8

My ds is 3 months old. He has been on Enfamil Gentlease since he was about 4 weeks. For the past couple of days almost everytime he eats he spits up after or during. He is not in pain, doesn't cry or yell. But, he will belch and up comes a lot of formula.(sometimes liquidy, sometimes cheesy) Sometimes a while after he eats he will burp and up comes the formula. Anyones lo do this? I am wondering if i should call me pedi, maybe switch formulas. Is this a digestion issue? reflux? Again, he doesn't seem to be bothered by this. He doesn't even notice it's happening. Any help appreciated. : )


charliepaulchloe - July 8

hi ronni, im in uk but i presume the enfamil is some kind of med to help bring up wind? if im right then i dont think u should worry too much since u say he is not in pain or crying when doing it. if the above is correct then maybe he doesnt need it anymore and he is able to bring it up himself and the med is bringing more up than what he should. let me know if this is the case. other than that at the mo i cannot give anymore advice sorry xxx


emilysmommy - July 8

My dd did the exact same thing at that age. She spit up a LOT. She's 5 months now and it's getting less but she still spits up but not as much as she did at 3 months. The pedi told me some babies just spit up more than others and it's pretty normal. If you think it may be the formula though, call the pedi just for some advice in case he recommends you try switching formulas but more than likely, he's just going thru that intense spit up phase like mine did!! lol


JEN - July 8

Hey Ronni- my ds is the same way, only he is 7 months old : ( He has spit-up excessively since he was born- we switched from BF to literally every other formula, and we ended up sticking with the Gentlease cuz it really helped with his gas. He does have reflux and is on Zantac, but if your ds is not bothered by the spit-up and is gaining weight well I don't think there is any cause for concern. My ds had to be put on meds cuz he screamed in pain every time. You should give your pedi a call just to ease your mind though. Good luck!


Bonnie - July 8

I agree with Jen....if he is not in any pain and continues to gain weight, then I would let it be. Switching formula wreaks havoc on their tummies and you may find things worse. Reflux and spitting up peaks at 4-5 months normally. If he starts to cry because of it or you are concerned he is barfing mroe than eating then I would put a call in to the doc's office. Otherwise, just keep some extra rags around. ;)


Ronni - July 9

Thanks for your help everyone. I guess I'll give my pedi a call to ask her. It keeps happening but he is clearly not in any pain. Thanks again Ladies......



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