Question About Switching Formula

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Buffi R. - January 8

My DD is a month old, and has been fed a combination of pumped br___tmilk and Similac Advance formula since birth. She never got the latch on for br___tfeeding and pumping is getting harder and harder so she's eating much more formula now. She never had a problem with spitting up until a couple weeks ago and it seems to be getting worse. I wonder if we need to switch formulas to a soy type or something for sensitive tummys. Of course we'll check with her Ped first, but I'm wondering if anyone else has had to switch formulas for this reason. If so, what were your baby's symptoms, when did you switch, what formula did you switch to, etc. Thanks ladies....


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - January 8

My Dh and I used Similac Advance at first, but she was colicky so we tried the soy, the soy (from Similac) made her poop seem like an explosion and get everywhere. Then we tried Nestle Good sucks, I hated that. It made her poop turn green and her stomach cramps worse. Enfamil Lipil is by far the best. It cut back on her spitting up and her stomach cramps cleared...but that could have just been because she was 3 months and the colic usually dies down then. But really, I didn't like the soy or the nestle good start, we did try Parents Choice too but that didn't last longer then 4 bottles cause she wouldn't drink it.


ginger6363 - January 8

I have a reflux/spitup baby. I give her a combination of formula and b___st milk. I found that Enfamil Lipil is the best. I tried the Enfamil Gentlease thinking it would be better for her sensitive stomache/spitting up. Nope, it made the spitting up worse.


Prego1 - January 8

My DD drinks Similac Alimentum and it's been the best switch we've done. No more formula change for her. She didn't want to drink it at first but she got used to it and now she's doing great on it.


GloriaD - January 9

My daughter has reflux like Ginger6363, which makes the whole spitup thing awful. We started on Similac but ended up switching to Good Start because she had problems with constipation. She also takes Zantac now and that made the biggest difference. Every baby is different so definitely ask the dr. My first two were on similac and didn't have any problems. GL!


Buffi R. - January 10

Little update on this....our pediatrician suggested adding 1 tsp. rice cereal to every ounce of formula we give her, and not to feed more than 3 oz. at a time. I've been doing that for the last couple days and about every other feeding goes well. I'm experimenting with different flow rate bottle nipples, trying to find a happy medium between fast enough to let the rice come out, but slow enough so she doesn't choke. She's still spitting up though, and with the rice it really makes a mess. It doesn't absorb into the burp cloths very well, and Madison smears it all over her face and hair sometimes. We'll see if this gets better, then maybe the ped. will consider changing formula. Thanks for all your replies!


Crystal83 - January 10

Your ped told you to give rice cereal to a 1 month old? If anything that would make her constipated and spit up even more. Babies spit up!! It's a part of being a baby. All babies go through a spit up stage between 1 and 5 months old, well all 3 of mine did anyway, Babies are growing and they go up and down throughout this period with how much formula they need. Sometimes a baby can't gage how much they need themselves and therefore overeat at times. If your baby isn't extremely fussy and ucomfortable then don't worry about the spitting up, unless it's projectile or an extreme amount.


lily10 - January 12

My dd was b___stfed and at 1 month she spit up all the time. Maybe instead of adding rice cereal you could try a formula for babies that spit up a lot. I know enfamil makes one. I just checked and the formula is called enfamil AR and it supposed to be good for lo's with reflux however it has rice starch which is what helps with spit up. Well, I guess maybe just adding a tsp of cereal may be the exact same thing.


sphinx - January 12

both of my twins had spitting up problems. I was b___stfeeding also and my ped told us to add 1tsp rice cereal per oz to the b___stmilk to thicken it up some. It helped a lot. When we switch to formula, one baby needed Enfamil Nutramigen and the other was ok with Enfamil Lipil. The one that went on Nutramigen had colic and Nutramigen is the gentlest formula that Enfamil Makes (its the equivelent to SImilac Alimentum)


cors1wfe - January 12

You may have to try a few different ones like Nerdy girl did before you find the right one - I suggest seeing if your pediatrician has samples or check out formula websites and see if they have samples since formula isn't cheap and you might find that works without spending 15.00 on it first. Good Luck


Allisonc79 - January 14

Enfamil A.R for spit up is suppose to reduce spit up by 40%. It worked for my nephew who spit up constantly and it was the only thing that helped. But Similac Soy also worked for a friend of mine when her newborn was spitting up alot. I personally could only use Soy with my lo or she would be crying with a tummy ache.



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