Question About Year Olds And Behavior

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waiting100 - February 23

I dont have a 2 year old I have an almost 11 month old--but I have a question for those of you who have had experience with 2 year olds. I have a friend who has a 2.5 year old girl. My friend has been a SAHM with baby the entire 2 years--no daycare and she only lets family watch her daughter (they very rarely have left her since she has been born). So she is having a horrible time with her right now cuz her ds is afraid of everyone--she screams, cry's and clings to her mom anytime anyone comes over, when she goes grocery shopping , has gotten to the point my friend is afraid to take her anywhere with people cuz she gets embarrased of how her daughter acts. My friend is also a HUGE germ phobe - and never lets her daughter touch anything, and now her daughter is asking to wash her hands all the time, cuz this is what my friend taught her to do - wash hands constantly. So, my question this how most 2 something children act or do you think her ds acts this way cuz she has been so sheltered? I hope to not go thru this with my son -- I take him to the gym's daycare and also have him in a day care one day a week so he gets used to people, kids and interaction with others. Any thoughts, comments on all this?


waiting100 - February 23

The t_tle of this was supposed to be 2 year olds and behavior not year olds!!!


Nerdy Girl - February 23

I personally think that 2 is an age where their little crazy personality quirks start to appear. I mean, all babies are delightful in some way, even when they are crabby. Then they turn 2 and become much more of a "kid" than a "baby." It's quite a shocker when this once delightful baby is a horrifying embarra__sing screamer. When my daughter became stubborn and started throwning tantrums, I understood what they mean by the "terrible two's." I also found 3 to be more difficult than 2, and then finally a breather of normal-ness returned at 4. Now there are many days that I would describe my 4 year old daughter as delightful, just like I would have when she was a baby. I don't know if any other moms of olders ones agree with that.


Erin1979 - February 23

I agree with NG. Around 2 kids start to test their boundries and see how you will react. You just have to persevere. Your friend should be socializing her little one though....i do believe that is good for kids. Every kid is different, but I also agree 3 is way worse that 2!!



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