Question About Your 8 Month Old S Diet

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Atira36 - December 27

My son is 8 months old & has been on solids for 2 months now. Recently, he seems to not be very fond of his bottle. He only wants it right before a nap or in the middle of the night (which is getting old by the way). Lately, he eats only about 3 six ounce bottles a day (there are several bottles that he just snacks on too & then the rest goes to waste) & has 3 solid meals. Cereal & fruit/veggie for all three meals. He is trying to feed himself too- I give him cut up banana, cheerios, & cut up raisins sometimes. I was wondering how & what other babies his age are eating. How can I get him to sleep through the night on a regular basis? I just think he isn't getting enough calories during the day as he seems really hungry around 1 am. Help!


mjvdec01 - December 27

If your little guy is getting 3 bottles and 3 meals a day he should be getting plenty. If he is waking for a bottle at 1am every morning then he probably needs it. When he turns 1 year and is really eating solids well, then you can take away the 1am feeding. What he is doing is perfectly normal. Hope this helps. Enjoy the late night feedings while you have them.


wailing - December 27

My pedi told us that at 6 months bb's need 28-40 oz's of formula or b'milk still and at 9 months they need 20-28 oz's. So I would a__sume that he still needs at least 20-28 oz's now.


DDT - December 28

I was told 16-24oz at 9 months. There's different info and opinions everywhere.


jls - December 29

My daughter is 8 months old and she drinks 3 six oz. bottles and one 8 oz bottle. She also eats 3 solid meals, yogurt, and we are just starting finger foods.


Kristine - January 1

My dd just turned 9 months. I nurse here twice a day (once before work and once before her bedtime) While I'm at work, she drinks two 8 ounce bottles of formula ( I don't produce enough to pump) For solids, she eats cereal twice a day and also fruit and veggies 3 times a day. It sounds like your son is getting plenty. The ounces go down as they get older. Now as far as sleeping, I have read and my pediatrician said once a baby reaches 11 pounds, they should not be getting up for night feedings. They said they are not waking out of hunger but out of habit. The pedi said the longer you wait to stop it, the harder it will be. Has your son had his 9 month check-up yet? My dd went last week and the pedi said she could be on table foods completely. I am so not ready for that!!!



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