Question For Breastfed Babies

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Heidi - January 20

This is going to sound weird but when your babies pooh, is it really runny? Emma's was always normal according to her doc but a few weeks ago it changed. It went from being mustardy and seedy to looking literally like liquid peanut butter!!!! If I don't catch it right away it goes right up her back and everywhere. When I change it there's literally a pool of it sitting in the bottom of her diaper. Sorry if that's gross. I just wanted to know if this happens with other br___tfed babies. I said something to my nurse about it one day and she commented how br___tfed babies are a little messier that way but this is insane! She also went from having 2-3 messy diapers to just one big bomb every 2 days, sometimes 3 days. They don't stink either, surprisingly!!! But when she passes gas she's really stinky, which is like all the time it seems. Ha ha!


Dawn C - January 20

Hey Heidi. My lil one is having alot of watery like poos. I was just thinking his was from his steroid when he was in hosp. It is getting back to its mustardy yellow though. He is 13wks also. I think hin and Emma are about a week apart. I have about 2 dirty diapers a day but was told b___st babies can go a day or 2 without a BM. So I would say it is all normal.


Barb - January 20

ya...that's normal Heidi. Sometimes they can go longer than that! Trinity was going 4-5 days with nothing ,then BAM...look out!! LOL.... completely normal


AutumnsMommy - January 20

Yes, Heidi..Autumn's poops turned runny too around 6 weeks. doctor said it's normal though...


Heidi - January 20

After two days I get nervous cus I know it's gonna be a nasty one and I'm scared to take her anywhere. Ha ha! We were in Target one day with my sisters and we took her in the bathroom and changed her wet diaper. We got to shopping and not even two minutes later my sister's like, um, I think she's pooping. I could hear her going and she gets this funny smile on her face and groans really load. We all raced BACK to the bathroom. The security guy at the doors must have thought we were nuts. Sure enough, liquid peanut b___ter! It's sooo messy but thank got it doesn't really have an odor. You'd think it would as bad as it looks. Ha ha! Glad she's not alone!


Shannon - January 20

yeah, i've had it be really liqiudy lots. for a while it looked like colored water even, but now it's thickened up again. and most of the time now she poops every other day. i used to have the pooping up the back problem all the time but then i switched to bigger diapers.


Jenn... - January 20

Yes, this is normal. Blake used to save it up for a few days too... I called it a "mudslide".


Heidi - January 20

Ha ha! That's a good name for it too!


Kristina - January 20

hmm, Tasias poops have been runny so I asked the nurse when she got her shots. She said it is usually due to babies "snacking" instead of eating for a 15-20 minit period like they are suppossed to. They can be runny sometimes, but they should have those little fatty chunks which indicates they are getting to the hind of the milk.


Heidi - January 20

Your mean that seedy looking stuff? She still has those in her pooh. I checked. Ha ha!


Kristina - January 20

haha yeah that seedy long as she has that it's ok! =)


karen - January 20

seem here when Kodi was b___stfeed. Changed a whole lot after formula.


Christy - January 20

Ben's sort of looked that way just today. I thought it was from the pizza I had last night- LOL!



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