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RLWilcox - January 17

I saw you comment on a post about the fuzzi Bunz diapers that you made your own cloth diapers, I was just wondering how you made them? Did you use the traditional cloth diapers? How did you secure them? Thanks so much!


britt_m - January 17

No, I actually sew them. I found a some free patterns online and made a bunch of fitted diapers. They have AIO's too, but you'd have to order the Waterproof fabric such as: Polyester Knit Polyurethane Laminate "PUL" or heavy weight polyester fleece. I used a flannel type fabric for the outer and inner layers and for the middle layer you need a thicker absorbent fabric, I used a stretch terry, but most of the terry fabrics work fine. After cutting out two identical flannel patterns, I sewed a rectangular piece of terry into the inner fabric, between the legs. Then I sewed the elastic into the legs and back of the inner fabric. I then sewed the outer fabric inside out on the side of the inner fabric that the absorbent piece wasn't sewn into. I started sewing on one of the sides of the diaper starting at the front (but not across the top.) The reason you don't want to sew across the top of the diaper is b/c you want to turn it inside out, then st_tch the top. I like how this looks as oppose to not sewing it inside out. Then I use velcrow (the soft part) all the way across the top of the diaper, then sew velcrow (the claw part) on the side tags. I also sew the soft velcrow on the inside of the claw velcrow on the side tags as it helps when you wash them (you fold the claw velcrow over onto the soft velcrow) it don't get much lint stuck in the claw velcrow. I hope you actually understood me, lol. It's pretty easy to do, after you get through the first like 3 it becomes pretty easy and you can do them within 20 min. You can find sizing charts usually on the website you find patterns on, I went to The One Stop Diaper Shop, they changed the address to, and this one has measurements you have extra time and a little extra money you could even make them to sell on ebay and stuff, I know people make a nice supplemental income with this just with a few hours a week. Let me know if you need me to explain anything better b/c I almost confused myself trying to write it all, haha!!


RLWilcox - January 18

I do understand the concept but the instructions are kinda fuzzy for me, But I think I'm going to go look up that web site and see if a visual aid is helpful. Thanks so much.


britt_m - January 18

No problem! Glad I can help : ) Also I sewed along the edges, even outside of the elastic. If you want me to send you pix of a few diapers to help explain a few things, I did do things a little easier than a few of the patterns, they confused me, haha, my email is britt_colton at hotmail. Good luck and let me know how it goes!



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