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JerseyGirl - December 5

You seem to talk a lot about the pu/pd method. Exactly what does that entail? It may be something I'm already doing but am not sure. Thanks for explaining.


DDT - December 5

Hi JerseyGirl. I will try my hardest to explain what PU/PD is and if you want a more detailed account you can check out "The Baby Whisperer" (3rd series). It is only recommended for babies 4 months and older. When baby wakes up too early from a nap (they should generally sleep 45 mins to achieve one sleep cycle, and 1.5 hrs is the best because it shows that they go into 2 cycles all by themselves without your a__sistance and without completely waking up) you can use PU/PD by going into the room and picking your lo up. No rocking or swaying but you can make a gentle shush-shush noise and pat their bum or back. Then depending on the age you can hold them anywhere from 1-5 mins. The older they are the shorter the holding time becomes. Then you put them down again into their crib with their soother or security blanket/toy. Leave the room. If crying continues wait about 1 min to give your lo a chance to settle down themselves. If not then continue using PU/PD. The idea is to go longer than 1.5hrs doing this. If they resist sleep this entire time then move onto your routine and try again for the next nap. You can also use this at night when your lo has nightly wakings that aren't related to hunger, stinky diaper or pain. My ds started nightly wakings when he was teething at about 5 months and it has continued and he is now 9 months. About 90% of the time he puts himself back to sleep within 1-3mins of whining/crying. The other times I have to use PU/PD. I think a lot of Mums use this method without ever knowing it was a "method". I hope I explained it so that it is at least understandable.


MelissaK - December 5

I just read the section of PU/PD today in Baby Whisperer as I am about to start trying to get LO to sleep longer in the am (wake at 6 not 5 lol). The short answer I read is when baby cries, first try to soother her with gentle pats. If that is not working, pick her up. When the crying stops, put her back down. If the crying starts again what a minuete, then pick her up. When it stops, put her down. repeat, repeat, repeat. The waiting for a moment when she starts to cry again is simply that babies sometimes cry as they fall asleep, so you wait a moment to see if that is what the crying is, or if it is a bigger cry. It's a tactic to help the baby learn to self soothe. This does not work on babies younger then 4 months as it is too much stimulation so if you must pick up a baby younger, you use the shh/pat method. Apparently babies older than 4 months get annoyed with the noise of the shh pat method. (I swear, Baby Whisperer is like having an instruction manual for your LO isn't it??)



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