Question For Lissi Or Anyone Who Knows About PUPPS

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twist - November 17

I was reading the favoritism thread and noticed you mentioned PUPPS rash. I had terrible itching in the last month of pregnancy and was finally diagnosed with PUPPS (or PEP as it's called here) the night before my son was born. I was given antihistamines and was told it would go away after my baby was born. He is now 2 1/2 weeks old and after a weeks worth of medication I still wake in the night itching all over. When did your itching go away and did you have to do anything else to get rid of it? It's driving me mad!!!! Any help would really be appreciated.


Lissi - November 18

Twist, I feel your pain! PUPPS was the worst rash ever and it's the last thing you need when you've just given birth and trying to care for a newborn! None of the nurses, doctors or midwives I met, seemed to have even heard of PUPPS. I only found out what it was by researching my symptoms on the net. It also started in the last month. I got it on my stretch marks, then it spread all over my body, except for my face. I was so looking forward to giving birth, because I thought it would go away, but it actually got worse afterwards. It was so bad, that they turned into blisters, because I couldn't stop scratching, and because my legs and feet were so swollen, they burst and crusted over, when I walked anywhere. It was awful! In the end my doctor prescribed me antihistamines, which helped only slightly with the itching and did nothing for the rash. I went back to see him in floods of tears, because it was so depressing, and this time he gave me Hydrocortisone cream. This took a few days to have any effect, but it did start to work. It was much better, after a week of treatment, but the last traces of it, only went away last week, and my daughter is nearly 9 weeks old! The itching slowly got better too, but it was still driving me mad sometimes, even 6 weeks later. It used to get worse in the evening for some reason, and at night I couldn't stand any covers on me, because the slightest bit of warmth made it itch. It has finally gone now, thank god! My stretchmarks still feel irritated sometimes though, but I can cope with that. So, Hydrocortisone, in conjunction with your antihistamines, is what I'd recommend. Your Doc should tell you to only apply the cream very thinly though. It will go away eventually. I found it improved a lot after my water retention disappeared as well. Sorry for such a long-winded answer. Let me know how you get on Twist, and try not to sctratch, because it will take longer to go away. I no it's hard though. Good luck!


twist - November 18

Thank you so much, I have hope now. When I was told it would go away after baby was born, I didn't realize it could be so long after he was born! My symptoms were exactly the same as yours, started with a tiny patch on my tummy and spread from there. The doctor prescribed me some nasty emolient cream that looks and feels a bit like petroleum jelly, and when I put it on my skin it felt like my skin was suffocating and made the itching 10 times worse, ugh! I think I will do what you did and do some research on the net, as well as see the doctor. Summer is just about here and the nights are getting unbearably hot for someone so itchy! Thanks again for your help, I'm so glad to know that this is "normal". By the way, how do you manage to spread hydrocortisone cream very thinly over your whole body, I'd be tempted to slather it on like moisturiser just to get some relief. It must take forever to dab it on carefully.


Sonya - November 18

I suffered with this rash with my first pregnancy and then got it again with my second pregnancy. I researched endlessly on the web and finally found a cure. Run straight to the nearest whole food store and buy Grandpa's Pine Tar soap. Shower with this several times a day in cool water and rinse thoroughly. Do not scratch!!!!!!!! Use ice packs (the gel kind you can put in the freezer) to kill the itch until the soap clears up the rash. I started using the soap on a Sunday evening and by Thursday the rash was visibly almost gone and the itching had stopped! I couldn't believe it worked, but it did. I told my OB about it and since then my OB has told several of his patients about it and it worked for them too. The best part is the soap is very cheap. The bar I bought was only $3.25!!! Good Luck.


Lissi - November 18

I looked for Grandpa's pine soap,but I couldn't find it anywhere. Maybe it's not available in the UK? I wonder if I could order it online? I would like to get some, because I am planning to get pregnant again someday, and if I get that bloody rash again, I'll need all the help I can get! I dread that rash more than I dread labor pains! Twist, I only used the Hydrocortisone on the worst areas, because my Doctor was reluctant to give me more than a small tube at first. The rest of the rash went away by itself eventually. I had to take cool showers several times a day too, to get through it. I used to sit in front of a fan at every opportunity, with a wet flannel. I was freezing cold, but it was so much better than itching. Are you in Australia? Sorry to hear the weather is getting hot. What a nightmare! I used to hate having to rub my baby's back when she had wind, because it generated so much heat, and I had that rash on the palms of my hands and in between my fingers, and the itch was unbearable. Washing bottles in hot water was a big problem too. Ugh! Hope you start to feel better soon. Hugs and sympathy! :)


Sonya - November 19

I think Grandpa's Pine Tar Soap has a website. Maybe you can order it on their website. Also my pharmacy told me they would order it for me. Perhaps you can try that. It really does work!!!


twist - November 19

I am in New Zealand, close enough to Australia, but not quite as hot, thankfully. I managed to find some stuff called Pinetarsol solution in a spray bottle, and a huge tub of odourless moisturiser, so my regime starts now. Fingers crossed that it works. I can't believe I didn't think of it earlier. I caught Scabies(shiver) from a dirty backpackers hostel about 6 years ago, and pinetar was what the doctor prescribed for me then. Thanks for mentioning it, Sonya. It is also supposed to be good for everything else like chicken pox and poison ivy, so very handy for when you have little ones, and lissi, definitely buy it now in preparation for the next pregnancy, I'm going to make sure I have enough of this stuff to be able to bathe in it pure if I have to next time. I remember saying to my husband while I was having contractions that they were barely strong enough to take my mind off the itching! I'm so glad you two know how it feels, the midwives in the hospital after my wee boy was born didn't really seem to think it was that serious, even though it robbed me of sleep and stressed me out so much I think it interfered with my b___stfeeding.


Gina - November 28

And I thought I was the only one who has gone through this! I went through this with my first pregnancy and now it is starting up again with my second (27 weeks). It feels like you are on fire! Antihistamines did nothing for me, but the steriod creams do work! The creams are oil based, and can be spread very thinly. There is no numbing agent in it, so there is no point in slathering it on. The best thing to do is start them as soon as you can, before the rash spreads everywhere! Also, I hope this is not the case with you, but I was chasing down "eruptions" until my baby was 4 months old. Thankfully, the patches were small by then and I had the steroid cream to hit it with as soon as I saw it. I've never heard of this pine tar soap; it's worth looking into. Good luck!



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