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letgo0527 - April 14

What did you buy for your baby that you never used or wish you never bought. Please give some merchendise advise for us 1st time preggos.


Bonnie - April 14

The covers that go on the changing table pads. Pain in the b___t to put on. Tossing a receiving blankie up there is much easier. Also, the bottle warmer as he ended up taking formula at room temp just fine.............What I wish I had bought more of....cloth diapers. They make great burp rags.


Bonnie - April 14

I personally did not like the onsies t-shirt outfits either when Mason was newborn because I was too fumbly with him to put them over his head. I ended up only using outfits that snapped all the way down the front. Now that he is 2 months I use the onesies a lot. But all my newborn ones went to waste.


mama-beans - April 15

Bottle/wipes warmers. Useless ( I bf, but thought the bottle warmer would be good for pumped milk... a hot water faucet was better and faster!)


Shea - April 15

A snowsuit! Clothes are the hardest,since you don't know how big your baby will be or how fast he/she will grow. Everyone told me that my ds would be out of the 0-3 month sizes in a few weeks, but he is 3 months and still wearing all of them. The 3-6 month clothes are still mostlly huge on him. So now that the weather is getting warm, all of the 3-6 month clothes I have will probably never be used since they are all for colder weather. The snowsuit looked adorable, but was so huge on him when it was really cold out that I never used it once. Sleepers and gowns are what we mostly used, but make sure to have some outfits for trips to the doctor, etc. We had so many pj's and hardly any 0-3 month outfits.


Jamie - April 15

Heh; for us, it's the crib. I didn't plan on co-sleeping, I thought it was wierd and freakish and would interfere with my relationship with DH - then I had an emergency c-section, and it hurt like hell to get up to nurse the baby, and get back down again - so I ended up with the baby in our bed to nurse her while I recovered, and now (9 months later) we wouldn't have it any other way. Plus side, we bought a crib that will convert into a toddler bed, so when we feel it's time for her to be in her own room, we've got it covered.


tiffani - April 15

Okay, maybe it's just me but the Boppy pillow has been pretty useless for me with all 3 of my kids. I also got no use out of my Diaper Genie, or my changing table. :o)


tiffani - April 15

Also, the sleeper sacks are great IF you can find the ones that b___ton or zip closed at the bottom, otherwise they get all bunched up and quickly become annoying. :o)


HannahBaby - April 15

DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY BUYING A DIAPER PAIL i dont care how much money you spend they all suck. I had the diaper genie and the diaper champ and they all suck. you can still smell the d__n diapers. I find it easier and cheaper to put dirty diapers in a garbage in the garage right off the kitchen. The smell when emptying those pails in so disgusting


pbj - April 15

Honestly, a diaper bag. Whenever I go out I just put her diapers, wipes and an extra bottle if I need it in my purse. I always carry a big purse anyway. The only time the diaper bag is used is if we're going to be gone all day...which is only when we're going to my in-laws. I loved my wipe warmer, it's nice when you need to do middle of the night changings. I agree with Tiffani that sleeper sacks (particularly the brand sleep sack) are matter of fact they're my favorite thing I wish we'd had from the beginning. I also agree that any kind of diaper pail is not really necessary. I have the diaper champ (which SIL just decided to get me even though I didn't register for it), it's nice to have something to throw diapers into when you're at the changing table, but I can still smell the dirty diapers, so I just take my LO's poo diapers outside anyway. I think they're a waste of money...using the little plastic bags from the grocery store works best.


Jamie - April 15

tiffani commented on not using the boppy - I used mine all the time, first while nursing, to help keep pressure off my scar, and lift the baby to my b___st, and later I set it behind her in case she fell backwards while sitting, before she got really good at sitting.


tiffani - April 15

Yeah, I kind of figured I would be in the minority with the Boppy. There's a reason they're so popular, it just didn't suit my/our needs. :o)


Jamie - April 15

Nah, I'm pretty much the only mom *I* know who used I think it's really just personal preference. OH - but if you do use one, get one that has a cover, because you can't wash the pillow itself.


Rachel D. - April 15

I agree with bonnie about the changing table covers and the onsies. Also I never used the diaper stacker, you know the pretty ones that go with all your nursery decor. And bibs are something I needed more of when he got to the age where he was spitting up alot. I couldn't believe how many bibs I was going through! Oh the wipes warmer I rarely used.


AmandaManns - April 15

I agree with the diaper genie and diaper pails. I have never used mine. I would rather just throw them in the garbage outside on the back porch. You can still smell them in the diaper pails. I on the other hand used onsies A LOT. My little guy was born in December so it was very cold out and I always had a onsie under his outfit. Now at 4 months old he still wears one almost everyday, but as it gets warmer out I will not be using them as much because he does get too hot. I did not use the diaper stacker at all. I have a small table beside his changing table (which I use for EVERY diaper change) and it has a basket on the shelf underneath it and I put all his diapers in there and on the top of the table I put his lotions and wipes. One thing I think you cannot live without is a Fisher Price Fish Aquarium. My little guy loves it. He has now figured out how to turn it on and he will just sit and do it all the time even in the middle of the night I hear him in the restless and he turns his Fishies on and falls right back to sleep. I wish we would have never bought so many clothes. Kale was born at 10 lbs even and he could not even wear his newborn clothes or diapers and he grew out of his 0-3 months stuff at like 3 or 4 weeks. Also I think we could have lived without burp clothes. He wears a bib at all times, now because he drools so much, but he used to spit up quite a bit. Bibs is something you need a TON of.


Bonnie - April 15

I actually love the diaper pails. I have the safety first one NEAT. It doesn't smell at all. .............. Actually, my best recommendation, is wait and buy a lot of these things AFTER you have the baby. Somepeople love the bottle warmers, for others they are useless. It totally depends on your situation with the baby. Even where they sleep can be changed. We had a cradle at first but my guy moved so much the cradle would tip and he'd end up face first in the bumber. So we went out and bought a non-rocking ba__sinet. But I know people who love their cradle.


TRP - April 15

Well, there's the wipe warmer, bottle warmer, the little gowns that are open on the bottom for sleeping, and the baby monitors. We didn't/don't use any of these items, so that was a waste. I'm not saying you won't need them or use them, but we didn't.



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