Question For Moms With GER Reflux Babies

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mamagoose - March 5

I have a question for moms with babies who have/had confirmed GER... my ds is 3.5 weeks old, and I'm wondering if he is developing GER or if this could be something else: The little guy uses me like a snackbar... short 5-10 minute feeds, and he refuses to feed longer than that (clamps his mouth shut, won't take the nipple). During the feeding, he whines or cries, chokes and sputters and unlatches himself, then frantically tries to latch back on. His arms flail around, his legs go stiff and straight, and he arches backwards. His face has a look of pain on it... after 5-10 minutes, he refuses any more nursing and cries loudly with his whole body arched straight and backwards, and his arms windmilling around. I get a little burp out of him about half the time. If I hold him up to my shoulder and walk around for about 15 minutes he settles down. He spits up about half the time, but sometimes I'll see curdled milk coming out of his mouth long after a feed is over, and his breath smells like sour milk. An hour later, he is madly rooting around and feeds again, as per the pattern above. As a result, I'm getting no sleep and I can't get anything done. I've made an appointment with our doctor, but they couldn't get me in until later next week... My question is, does this sound like it could be GER? Is there anything I can do to help his pain, or help him get a bigger feed so I can sleep? He is exclusively br___tfed, but I've started pumping and giving it to him via bottle to eliminate the possibility that his problems are due to my own overactive let-down reflex.


eclipse - March 5

In my opinion, that sounds like textbook GER. Make sure you write down all of his symptoms and lay them out to the ped when you take him. Don't let them b__w you off, like mine did, which made it much longer until my son could get treatment, which has made it 10 times worse. GER is largely a diagnostic disease, so everything you have noticed-let them know so they can decide for sure. But as a mom with a GER baby, it sounds almost textbook. Let us know. Also, ask Bonnie and Aurorabunny, they have been a huge help on this site, as well as Patti and Be. I'm sure there were others, but many of our babies have been through the same. Don't give up b___stfeeding and hang in there for now until they can get your poor little guy some medication. It makes a WORLD of difference. My son is now sleeping through the night!!!


luviduvi - March 5

one thing they will most likey do is take him of the b___st and place him on Soy formula. Some babies have milk allergy causing this pain. Call doc and tell them to get you in NOW!!!


AnytimeLittleone - March 5

Absolutely. Everything you have described are the tell tale symptoms of GERD. The back arching.. the arm flailing.. the short feeds which are interrupted by the screaming. My dd was diagnosed with GERD at 3 weeks old. We would have to give her a few sucks of her bottle, then she would scream in pain, and then after 5 mins of screaming take the bottle back and eat a small amount. I never slept. My baby cried for 17 hours a day, and then whimpered whenever she was asleep. I cried everytime I looked at her crying in her sleep. We were immediately put on Zantac, and within a month, I had a happy baby. You need to go to a pediatrician asap, and you need to tell them everything you just wrote in this post. Youll be put on a med asap. And if you arnt.. tell them youd like to try Zantac anyway.. Zantac is literally a "perfect" medication.. it has no drug interactions, and it wont hurt you lo if he takes it, and doesnt need it. I hope your lo gets well soon, and youre not alone!


AnytimeLittleone - March 5

AND im a__suming your b___stfeeding... if you are, he doesnt have an allergy. My dd was eventually diagnosed with GERD, a soy allergy and a milk allergy... She could have been diagnosed much faster if I was b___stfeeding...


mamagoose - March 6

Thanks for everyone's help and responses... I'll call and beg them to take me in sooner. In a way, I'll be somewhat relieved if it is confirmed to be GER because if they can control it with medication and make him happy, pain-free and healthy, then at least I'll have a solution to his problems. It's so distressing to see him hungry, but in pain after he eats!


blondie4104 - March 6

I was wondering if my ds has acid reflux too... he'll start nursing, and in a few mins, he pulls away, gets red in the face, and cries. I can get him back on, and he'll nurse for a minute, then pull off again and cry. After he's done eating, he'll fuss for a few hours, wanting to be held and crying if he's not constantly changing posistions...I've noticed he likes to be on my shoulder, or sitting upright on my lap the best. Is there a chance he could have GER or acid reflux?


DB - March 6

Definitely sounds like reflux mamagoose...I hope you get in sooner!! If your little guy gets Zantac give it like 3 days to fully kick in!! It made a world of difference with my dd!! She's still a fussy eater in the mornings, but at least I know she's not in pain anymore. It's terrible to see your LO in pain. Let us know what the doctor says.


Bonnie - March 6

Unfortunately it is not always so easy to diagnose OR to treat. What works on one baby doesn't work on all of them. I think you should take a look at The site is pretty big and there is a ton of information on it which will probably help you. But also, the message boards there. I don;t visit quite as often anymore (I am Mirra there) but when Mason was going through this so much, I would have gone mad without having those women to talk to about it. I hope you get some answers soon!



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