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pbj - February 28

Ok, I've asked this question before so some of you may have already responded. My 3 1/2 month dd screams the entrie time I leave her alone with anyone. This sometimes includes my husband. I am a SAHM and she is alone with me most of the time. The only sitters we leave her with are my In-Laws, I know that they love her even if she screams, but they think that she is an unhappy baby. She can be crabby just like any other baby, but she rarely ever behaves this way for me. She seems too young to have separation anxiety, I just don't know what else to attribute it to. Tell me if this has happened to you and if maybe you have any advice or suggestions for me. I'm not sure what else to do.


TRP - February 28

Hi pjb. I'm a SAHM too, but I can't say that I know what you're going through. My daughter doesn't really mind being left with a baby sitter, who is always the in-laws. We also leave her in the nursery at church almost once a week, so I guess she's used to being with other people. I don't think your daughter is unhappy, I think some babies just like being with their moms the best. It's like a security thing. I would suggest maybe leaving her with your in-laws or your hubby for short periods of time on a regular basis. I think she'll probably grow out of it soon because she'll get used to being around other people. I hope this helps and good luck!


lynnstress - March 2

My son will be 11 weeks old tomorrow, and on Sunday I go for my annual girls vacation. Hubby is very anxious about being alone for a few days - he's a great dad and has no reason to feel this way. One thing I recently read is to "attach your scent" to a burp cloth. I started tucking one into my pj's last night and will sleep with it until I leave. Hubby can bring it out any time if baby gets fussy or worse. Babies can tell mommy's scent very early on. Hopefully, hubby won't need this. But it might help you, pbj! Good luck.


olivia - March 2

Hi, I am a SAHM too and my I found my daughter was much fussier with my in-laws and husband from quite early on. She could hang out with me without a peep all day. I take her on walks and put her in her excersaucer, she takes naps, etc. I guess what has made it a little easier is I try to tell them exactly what I do and the way I do it so they can try. My MIL is very loud and gives her constant attention which I think can be overwhelming. I tried to tactfully say, "I have found that baby seems to do best when ".... It was awful to have her good with me and not my husband. We just kept pushing them to hang out together. I would leave them so they could try to work it out. He would practically be in tears when I got home saying she cried the whole time (about 1 hour max). Eventually it got a little better and now they are fine together. Just keep leaving her one on one with the inlaws and husband so that when she does get seperation anxiety it will be easier for all of you.


Meredith - March 6

Alexia is pretty good if I leave her with somebody, she stayed with her Grandpa and sister today while I helped paint his old house. But nobody has the magic touch like me :-) My husband often complains that "she doesnt like me" which is not true, I think she is just MOST comfortable with me. I make a point to let others handle her, I did with my first and she was way outgoing - I had to hold her back half the time. Your baby just has to develop a personality for when she is not around you. It is easy when you have daycare, but I have to push it now that I am a SAHM.


mommy716 - March 7

Michael is like that too! I work on weekends and its usually when Michaels asleep but he still knows I'm gone and gives my fiancee a very hard time usually being up every 2 hours



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