Question For Those Of You Who Have A Baby Girl

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melanie - July 4

I had my daughter on the 19th of june and ever since then she has had hard lumps in her br___ts, the one on her left side already went away but the one on the right side is there and she looks like she has a large br___t because of this lump. It is really hard and feels like a ball under the skin. I was told it was do to hormones and it should go away but she is now 2 weeks old and it is still there. My question is did any of your little girls have this and how long did it take to go away or did it turn out to be something other than hormones.


niya06 - July 4

Don't panic!! They will go away one week after my baby girl was born she got those same lumps, my boyfriend and I rushed her to the hospital and the doctor said don't worry it will go away. So we just got another hospital bill for no reason. About two and a half weeks later they went away. Everything will be ok!! By the way my daughter is now a healty five month old!!


sahmof3 - July 4

Right niya06. My daughter AND son both had this and it went away. My daughter's went away sooner, but my son's took almost 8 weeks (talk about freaking his daddy out!!) Good luck w/ your newborn.


melanie - July 4

Thanks, you guys saved me a panic attack and a trip to urgent care. I am glad to hear that this is normal. I was just worried because I have three boys and this never happened to them so having a girl is all new to me. thanks ladies.


Gigi19 - July 4

Melanie- my little girl had this too. I was told that it is because we produced to much hormones during pregancy. It went away after a while. My daughter is 3 months old and it's all gone.


melanie - July 4

Thanks Gigi19 I am glad more people are responding, I am happy that this is not something to be worried about.


Nerdy Girl - July 4

My daughter's took 2 years to go away, but it might not have been the same thing. It wasn't like a hard ball, but just some swollen tissue that made one b___st look large.


Happy Mom - July 5

It's not just girls that have this issue. My son had this too. It is the hormones he gets from my b___stmilk. If I squeezed the lump MILK came out. It was so neat! Which makes me wonder if it's possible for men to b___stfeed? After a google search I have discovered that yes it is possible! Too cool!


tamara - July 6

Melanie it ios perfectl normal for baby girls to get lumps, I have not experienced this with my own daughter but my little sister had a lump in one of her b___sts hen she was a baby and the DR said is was hormones and it did go away after a month or so.



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