Question For Those Who Use The Playtex Dropins Bottles

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ImpatientMommy - October 11

How do you wash/sterilize your bottles? At first I use to boil the nipples, caps, and the rims and just hand wash the bottle part. Then when I switched over to the fast flow nipples I read the back and it said to just boil those once and then wash them after that so I now wash the bottle part and the nipples my self and I still boil the rims and the caps because it's just so faster than hand washing EVERYTHING, it would take me forever. Is this okay to do? I don't want to do any damage to them but they seem to be just fine, I don't notice any difference. I do it like oncec every 3 days since I have so many bottles haha.


Tracy88 - October 11

I know you are asking about drop-ins specifically, but I thought I'd share my two cents anyway. I do the same thing you are currently doing. The bottles I use are called Born Free and they have a lot of parts to them. I used to stand there and wash/boil for what seemed like forever, so now I just hand wash the bottles, nipples, and valves, then boil the plastic rims and plastic valve holders. It has not damaged them at all, and my time has been cut in half. Do you run a dishwasher? I run mine like every third day, so on that day I just put the bottles on the top rack, and put the plastic rims and valve holders in a basket on the bottom rack. This is also said to be safe. I was more cautious when my daughter was younger, but now that she is just a little over five months I feel that using soap and hot water is just as good. I boil everything every few weeks just to be sure that any residue is taken care of. Hope this helps.


lin7604 - October 11

i hand wash it all, it is really quick but then again my ds is only having 2 bottles a day.


ImpatientMommy - October 11

If my daughter was having just 2 bottles of a day I wouldn't be complaining! haha but she's only 3 1/2 months and has 5 bottles a day, which doesn't seem like THAT much I guess but combine that with barely having time for ME to eat theeeen it is a lot!


aliciavr6 - October 11

I haven't boiled anything in a long time. My bottle brush seems super fast in regards to cleaning nipples.


alida - October 11

I also use the Born Free bottles but just boiled them before I used them for the 1st time and have been putting them in the dishwasher to clean them. Are you supposed to boil bottles so often? I have heard it breaks down the plastic. I BF for the 1st 5 months my dd is 7 mo now. Please let me know if I should be boiling them peroidically?? :)


lin7604 - October 11

i always hand washed them right from the get go. I used in the first 3 months plattex advance and then there was LOTS of washing. i got tired of that and went to the disposible ones and it cut my time in half!


socalmom - October 11

I use Playtex Dropins, I boiled everything before the first use, now I just wash the nipple by hand and the rest goes in the dishwasher. I think boiling the plastic parts is fine but I'm not sure about the nipples? I don't put nipples in the dishwasher because of the heat, I think it breaks the latex down, and I don't want any food particles to get caught in the nipple.



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