Question Regarding Rice Cereal

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Leslie_91 - May 31

Good afternoon Moms! I'm getting ready to start my ds on rice cereal but I've heard so many conflicting reports on the best way to do so. Should I start by adding the cereal to his bottle or by spoon feeding it to him? Would just like to get some opinions on what has worked best for you. Thanks!


Bonnie - May 31

Adding to the bottle is only meant for babies who have reflux, swallowing issues, or failire to thrive babies. Go for the spoon if he is old enough. He will lose most of it at first but it's all part of the learning experience. :)


YC - May 31

I was told by the ped that they only advise to add it to the bottle for medical reasons (reflux, loe weight, etc) other than that it should be give ny spoon when the baby is ready to start solids.


YC - May 31

Oops, I see Bonnie already gave you the same advice. Sorry.


pbj - May 31

He needs to learn to eat from a spoon, he already knows how to eat from a bottle. I 100% agree with Bonnie and YC, cereal in a bottle is only for med. reasons.


JAI - May 31

I agree you should use a spoon, they need to learn how to eat from a spoon. When I started my son on cereal it was a whole new experience for him, but give it a couple of times and your son will be a pro!!! Plus I found it exciting to try something new and different. Good luck!


Aussie Beck - May 31

I started my dd on rice cereal at four months using a spoon and it was hilarious watching her trying to lick the spoon instead of eating properly. I read in a baby magazine that if you put the spoon at the top of the inside of their mouth and drag it back out again it kind-of 'forces' them to take the food properly. We tried this and it worked really well, she is five months now and gets excited about eating solids and has her mouth open and ready - except for her hands going constantly in her mouth between spoonfuls and then getting food all over her nice clean clothes!!!!!!!! LOL!


Jodi - May 31

Just a warning...Rice cereal is best known for constipation. I would try oatmeal cereal first. We did rice w/my ds and he was so constipated and let me tell you it's absolutely no fun at all!! Too when you change their diet their poop consistance will change as well.


Cat - June 1

My boys didn't have any trouble with rice. In fact, the youngest (six months) finally became regular once I started it. Previously, he'd strain and grunt some. I just didn't want you to think it happens to all. It was a blessing for us, lol. I always use a spoon and start with it very, very runny and just thicken it over time. The first several feedings they often push it out. It can happen because they're just not ready (reflex), but also because they're used to a sucking motion (tongue) and need some time to learn.


kimberley - June 1

I would defently be offering it on a spoon. Rice cereal should not be put into a bottle, unless instructed by a doctor, because of reflux etc etc. You will be amazed at how wuick they take to a spoon...a couple of days and they get the hang of it. When first making it up, make it very runny, and increase the thickness over a few days...not too thick though.


Heather F - June 1

I also agree, it should be in a spoon....its a learning experience for them and putting it on a spoon is a stimulating activity you can do with the baby!



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