Questions About 12 Week Olds

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grendelcat - May 15

My dd is almost 12 weeks and has started pooping only every other day. I know it is normal for the poops to start spacing out -- but she seems uncomfortable (though there is no sign of constipation when she does poop!) Is anyone else going through this? She is exclusively bf, btw. Also, she is obsessed with putting her fingers in her mouth, which is also expected -- however, calling it a self-soothing behavior is a misnomer in our case, she can't quite control her hands well enough to keep them in her mouth and it drives her nuts -- she cries and gets so frustrated -- there is nothing soothing about it! She has a similar problem with a pacifier -- she can't keep it in her mouth or replace it when it pops out -- and this makes her frustrated and cry also. Finally, she HATES tummy time -- the surfboard and the mirror someone suggested in earlier posts don't help either! I would love to hear about other babies in this age group and these (or other) issues! Thanks!


jb - May 15

Oh my God!! I though tI was reading about my daughter!!! MY dd is 13 weeks and is our situation is a carbon copy of yours!! As for the fingers, my dd is trying so hard to suck her thumb. She is slowly starting to get the hang of it, but not enough to soothe her yet. She usually gets p__sed when she pokes herself in the eye trying!! I figure in a week or 2 she will be better at the thumb sucking. When I do give her a pacifier, she keeps it in for a short time, then it goes flying out. After that she gets frustrated. After a few minutes of having a hissy fit, she will usually take it again.As for the pooping, I started using mylicon drops on a regualr basis. In the past I only used them when she was ga__sy and fussing about it. I thought they didn't help. Now that I use them EVERY time she gets a bottle, she is much better and I am now one who swears by them. My dd also hated/hates tummy time. I have her spend a majority of tummy time on my tummy. I usually lay on the couch after feeding her and burp her. She loves to look around and doesn't seem to mind being on her tummy that least she is like that for 10 minutes or so. One issue you didn't mention that we are going through now is dd wants SO BADLY to sit up. When she is in her swing, carseat or bouncy seat, she is constantly leaning forward as if she is trying to sit up, or reach something. That too gets her frustrated after a while.


Marlene - May 15

My ds will be 12wks next week. He looks sucking his thumb but cant get it in his mouth most of the time then gets anger when I try to help him. He will only take a pacifier for his dad and since he doesnt live with us thats only once a week!! My ds loves tummy time it could be b/c he spends alot of time there(that is the way I put him to sleep. I started it and now I dont know how to stop it!!) Also when I give him a bath I lay him on his tummy to lotion his back and he does little push ups trying to look around the room. My ds still goes poop everyday but I too use the gas drops and they are great. I take them everywhere we go.And just these past two weeks he has been smiling at us on purpose and it so rewarding!!!


Marlene - May 15

Sorry it should say likes sucking his thumb. I still have prenancy brain.


Mel_C - May 15

Hi grendelcat, this sounds exactly like my 11 week old ds! However the poop situation seems to go in phases for him. When he hasn't been in a while, he grunts a lot and seems uncomfortable but his bm (when it finally arrives) is normal. We give him gripe water with some feeds, and that sometimes seems to help him pa__s his bm along with the wind. It's a sad day when your ds has a huge bm that overflows his nappy and ends up in the feet of his all-in-one, and you find yourself cheering!! :-)


Newmom - May 15

Mel-C, I got tickled reading your post. My ds went 6 days without a bm. It was the mother load when it finally happened, all over him and his granny. We both got excited and clapped for him!


grendelcat - May 17

THanks to you all for your answers -- I feel better knowing this is normal behavior! I am going to try the Mylicon - we haven't tried it yet and will tough out the finger/thumb/pacifier situation -- I hope it only will be a week or so more before she can control her hands better! I appreciate all the feedback!



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