Questions About 4 Mths Old

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sad - November 14

My son is 4 mths and 6 days old today and he weighed 14lbs, 64cm height. I know every baby is different but I just would like to know how much is yr baby's weight because my baby doesn't seem to gain as much as before and eating less lately. I am a first time mom and my son look completely normal to me, he rolled over when he was 3 mths and now he can roll over both ways (front to back, back to front and from left and right), he also can hold his head up while he is lying on his tummy(he can be on his tummy for about 30 minutes each session), although his head still a little bit wobbly when I sit him on my laps, he also can grasp rattles, bat at toys and babble alot. The thing is I just came back from the dr today and the dr said that my son doesn't move as much as the normal 4 mth old and he might need a physical theraphy, so we have to come back when he is 5 mths old to make sure that he is fine.What else a 4 mth old can do, that my son can't ? I am so sick worried about my son.


Steven's Mom - November 14

It sounds like your son is doing great. My son is 4 1/2 months and he can only move from his back to his belly very easily. Only a few times has he gone from his belly to his back. His neck muscles are very strong,he has very good control. He holds rattles,moves toys from one hand to another. When I brought him to his 3 1/2 month check up she said that he was very advanced with his strength. He's a big baby too he weighed 15.6 lbs 90% 25 inches 75%. I think if I were you I would get a second opinion. Did the Dr. say why he may need physical therapy? You said he doesn,t move much but it seems like it to me the way descibe how he is. Dont be worried he is just fine,hang in there :O)


Mommy - November 14

Try not to worry so much. My babies were very lazy until they wanted to do things. My 6 month old doesn't sit up yet, he's focusing on crawling. Every baby goes at their own pace. My little one is faster than my oldest learning to crawl, but my oldest was faster with sitting up. It just depends. Your baby seems pretty normal developmentally to me. Good luck though just in case!


monica - November 14

sorry that you are stressing out. your son sounds just fine to me. Please see the link below for what a 4 month old should be doing.


ally - November 14

i dont get it, my lazy balloon is 5 mths and has only rolled once from her tummy onto her back, they say girls are more observant, i think she is lazy like mama but at the same time she is observant, laughs, grabs toys, turns toys, should i be worried, i am not... whats wrong with ur stupid dr sorry to say? why do ppl believe babies should be doing this and that at a certain stage, they all develop at their own pace and it sounds like urs is way ahead of the rest so dont worry


sad - November 14

Thx for the suppor ladies, I'll try not to stress out so much.The dr said my son need a physical therapy just because he can't fully support his head yet. When she did the check up he laid my son and pulled both of his arms. My son's head kept wobbling and that is why she said that. Monica you said you are from califonia, me too. Which part of calif do u live, and may I know who is yr son's pediatrician.



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