Questions About Cribs And Older Babies

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Danielle19 - March 5

my ds has been rolling all over during the night latley and he keeps getting his arms and legs stuck through the bars, i've tried bumper pads, and he just gets his arms and legs up underneath and through the slots still, does anyone know of any netting or something i get get to try and keep his limbs in? also when did you guys drop the crib down to the lowest setting jordan just started crawling, and he can't really pull up yet but im kinda afraid hes going to learn in the middle of the nite and pull himself up and over the bars, theres about 26inches from the top of the mat. to the top of the bars is that enough or should i lower it?


Emily - March 5

I say lower it now, there is nothing bad about lowering it too soon expect that you have father to bed ot get him out, but the concquiences for not having it low enough could be bad. I am still at a loss about keeping little limbs in the crib. We moved my oldest out of her crib and into a bed with rails at 18 mos cause she would get her foot caught and wake up crying. We moved her into the bed and she started sleepiong so much better. However now I am having a problem with my youngest. She is only 8 mos so the bed is out. I just keep the crib out form the wall enough that her limbs don’t get opinched so she can't get them out. I also check on her a lot. I am not sure what else to do. She is pulling herslef up and tying to climb bow so I can't use the bumpers for fear she will try to climb them when she is awake…..


CyndiG - March 5

I saw a thing called the Breathable Bumper in the One Step Ahead catalog (I love that place!). It's 24.95 and it looks like it would work. The item # is 11492 if you want to look it up online. My older dd fell out of her crib when she was around 18 months old. I know that's older than your baby but it has scarred me! LOL! She was standing up and crying wanting me to come get her. She got on her tippy toes and pushed herself right over and out. She flipped over completely and landed on her back. I about died! I was standing there looking at her and couldn't catch her! She survived, just like many other tragedies! LOL! But, my point is, I would lower the mattress to the bottom. Carlie, the baby now, is in the bed with me so I don't have to worry about it! HAHA!


Danielle19 - March 5

thanks, im going to look that up, i also love that place i just placed an order last week, and im going to get dh to lower the crib tonite


sahmof3 - March 5

You know... it's funny that they don't sell the types of cribs that we had when I worked in daycare to the general public. Instead of rails there was clear plastic or plexi gla__s or something on each side. Had to be windexed every day lol, but no limbs ever got caught ;-)



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