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Beth - December 17

Hello I am 33 weeks and I just have a couple questions for you ladies who have been there, done that! 1.) I am so afraid of tearing and it occured to me that no one ever talks about NOT that possible does everyone tear or are some people lucky? If you didn't there something you did that you think caused that? 2.) I woke up w/ a horrible cold this am and I feel terrible because last night I met and was holding my friends two week old. Could I have made the baby sick? Do newborns get colds?


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 17

Newborns can get cold, but it's hit or miss. I have had a cold, and dh has had two since Lucas was born, he didn''t get one any of the 3 times, and he sleeps with us. Surely you didn't know you would be ill, or you wouldn't have held her. She'll probably be okay. Lots of people don't tear. I did a little, but nothing bad. People that have gone natural or with pain meds have gone either way. I think listening to the docs/nurses about how and when to push is important, they know what to tell you to try and minimize tearing. It's hard to predict. Good luck to you! Pretty soon you'll be joining us on this board


Chelsey - December 17

I never tore with my first baby. she was only 5lbs 9 oz, so her size may have had something to do with it though. Chances are you are getting a cold, but your unborn baby should be fine. Just drink lots of fluids and eat soup or whatever. If you continue to nourish yourself, baby will be okay. Newborn babies definately can get colds. Although, when b___stfeeding, there is a better chance of baby not getting one, or just a bit of one.


monica - December 17

Not everyone tears but I did it all depends on your size and the size of the far as the cold I dont think the 2 week old will get sick...but my baby got sick before two months and then at 3 months and now he has a cold again and he is almost 5 months and I am b___st feeding ....


CEM - December 17

Beth, don't despair! Not everyone tears, far from it! You're only 33 weeks, so technically you've got 7 weeks left.... And that's plenty of time to prep yourself. Start doing kegel exercises now to make things more pliable down there if you know what I mean! Strengthen it up to so you have more control and know what to feel for. I responded to your other thread about tearing too. PANT! That is the best thing you can do. Often a tear can be avoided by panting instead of pushing. As far as the newborn getting a cold, yes it is very possible, but not the end of the world! It just means she'll be immune when she stumbles across the same cold next time.


newmom - December 17

I don't think it's bcoz of the size of the baby coz my son was 5lbs too but still i had 3 degree tear.. TO BETH...i wish ic ould help you in this question coz if i really did knew some thing that could helped me i would have done it, it was my first too and i'm a newmom..but i did read something about prenium ma__sage...that might help


Mary - December 17

Beth I did tear and I also was terrified of it. My tear was not on the perineum but the other way around towards the c___toris, I got stiches and I also did not feel those. All I can tell you as that when you are pushing the last thing in your mind is tearing, I was so exausted and the contractions here so painful I was pushing with all my might and I could care less if I was going to tear or not, I just wanted my baby out. You will see that it will be the same for you, everyone I know told me what I am telling you and yet I thought I would care. They were right. Good luck!


Mary - December 17

oh yes, the nurse ma__saged and stretch my perineum for the entire time I was pushing and even before that. I think that helped to avoid a tear, but as you can read on my prior post, the tear happened on the other end for me.


Megan - December 17

Newborns do get colds. Not sure if your friends baby was a preemie but we're in RSV season and it's dangerous for a preemie to get (and can get it from a cold pa__sed on from an adult). I'm sure the baby is fine though if it was full-term so don't worry.


Beccah - December 17

Hi, Beth. I didn't tear, but I also gave birth to a 3 1/2 pounder. The doctor seemed surprised when she was looking down there afterwards: "I don't see any tears or anything!" I'm sure newborns can get sick, but if you're b___stfeeding, the baby's immune system is stronger. Holding the baby won't make it sick, only if your cold is contagious by airborne or if you touched your mouth or eyes then touched the baby's mouth eyes or something the baby puts in her mouth.


April - December 17

I was cut and then tore with my first she was 6lbs 14oz and I pushed for an hour. I pushed for 17min with my second who was 8lbs 13oz and I only tore my labia?!? I still don't know how that happened. Don't let them cut you that is not worth the pain and most people that are cut tear as well.


Jamie - December 17

Something you can do to avoid tearing is perineal ma__sage. My doctor actually recommended it to me when I was about 34 weeks, because he didn't think I'd be able to have an epidural. Use KY jelly or olive oil and either ma__sage yourself, or have your partner ma__sage you...warning, though, it's very unpleasant; my doctor did it while I was actively in labor, and I probably would've kicked him if a nurse and my husband hadn't been holding my legs. But, my cousin had 2 natural homebirths and swears by perineal ma__sage; she started as soon as she knew she was pregnant, and didn't tear with either baby.


xXx-Lesley-xXx - December 17

I have never teared with either of my babies. I had a tiny graze after having my 1st baby, nothing with 2nd and 3rd. I have had big babies too. 8lb 3onz, 9lb and 9lb 2onz. If you push when they tell you should be ok.


Kristina - December 17

I tore a little bit, but it wasn't all that bad. I had the epideral so I couldn't even feel the stiches haha. =)


The real Lissi - December 17

I can't help with the tearing, because I tore badly. Newborns can get colds though, even if they're b___stfeeding. My poor little girl had her first cold at six weeks, and caught another at 10 weeks.


Tami - December 17

I'm not a troll-really Tami, just cna't log in for some reason. Anyways, you don't always tear. I unfortunately did, but my sister had a 8 pounds 13 ounce little boy last year (her first) and she didn't tear at all! So it is possible! :) I am not sure what she did that caused it though-luck? Yes you could have made the baby sick, bur hopefully you didn't!


mama-beans - December 17

my mother had 4 children, her last my brother and a 10.9 baby.. HUGE. and she didn't tear for any of them. I did a bit with my 7.2 girl, but that is just because labor went so FAST and the tear was up front.



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