Questions Regarding Bedtime Projectors Etc

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JJ5235 - June 27

Hi mommies. I just have a few questions regarding my ds who is 14 weeks old. He went to a dr appt today for one vaccine and weighed in at a whopping 14 lbs 9 oz. My doctor suggested I let him CIO to get him to sleep at night but I am not sure about this. He says just to let him cry and not check on him and after a few days it will work. Currently my ds is giving me a really hard time at night. We have a bedtime routine except he wont go to sleep. I am co-sleeping with him right now because it was the only way I could get some rest while br___tfeeding him. Every night we have bathtime, massage, jammies and then we nurse. After that I will go lay him down in his swing (thats where he wants to sleep) and he will fall asleep for 20 minutes and wake right up. He then wants to stay up until I will lay down with him to get him to sleep. I would like for him to sleep in his pack n play in our bedroom but dont know how to go about this. Should I let him CIO? How do you mommas get your lo to sleep? He does nap really well with no binky needed and he will put him self right to sleep but I dont know what I am doing wrong with bedtime. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Also do the projectors help? If so which kind. And how long do they stay on for without shutting off. Any advice on a good one. Maybe that will help some. I dont know.


jessb - June 27

Hmmm.... Sounds like he is old enough for CIO. Its not for everyone but it worked for me and my daughter. I put her in her crib and if she wakes up I turn on her aquarium thingy that lights up and plays music and I give her the pacifier, then I leave the room. If she starts fussing again I will go check and give her the pacifer if it fell out of her mouth or turn on her music thingy again (it only goes for about 10 minutes) Usually I only have to do this once or twice and then she will be asleep. I dont pick her up again once I have put her down, she got the picture pretty fast.


Bonnie - June 27

It is really your call to make whetehr or not you do CIO.Co-sleeping is wonderful....but you are right in that it doesn't help YOU get much sleep, lol. CIO will certainly do that for you, but I must tell you that it is by far harder than labor. Mason's doc had us do CIO at 9 weeks old. Mason was 15 pounds at the time so I can tell you for sure that your LO is old enough. We followed the doctors instrucions exactly.....put him down around 7-8pm after his last bottle and let him CIO up to 3 hours! But to check on him every 15 minutes. Not sooner as he will just see me and cry, and not more than every 20 minutes just to make sure he is okay and not wet, poopy, etc. Give him a quick comforting pat, tell him "it's okay, go night, night" but do not pick him up.......So we did that. The first 2 nights he screamed HYSTERICALLY the whole 3 hours. I mean, the gagging, choking, etc. (I don;t think I ever cried so much in my life) But my DH begged me to stick with it. Night number 3 he was out in under an hour, woke up in the middle of the night and cried 45 minutes. Night #4 he was out in under 20 minutes and slept 10 hours! Ever sine then he has slept 10-12 hours.....even when he did sleep on that 4th night I felt guilt. I thought.....omg maybe he stopped crying because he thinks I abandoned him. But then that next morning I was greeted with a monster smile from him and he has doen that ever since. It is far harder on us mommies than it is them. Am I glad that I did it? Hell yeah! Now we both get sleep. Mason is a FAR happier baby when he sleeps 10-12 hours so it was vcery good for him though he did not think so at the time, lol ;)...........But I must tell you that it is up to you. The only thing I don;t like about the not check at all method, is what if something happens? What if he poops....or gets a hair wrapped around a toe, KWIM? But on the flip side, the more he sees you the more he will cry. My recommendation is to think long and carefully about what you want to do. Because whatever you decide you should stick with. Otehrwise baby will just get confused. There are a lot of books you can get from the library about different techniques of getting baby to sleep. From Dr.Spock (the full CIO) to Dr.Sears (anti-CIO and pro- attachment parenting and co-sleeping) and a whole slew of them in between. CIO is certainly the fastest way for you both to get sleep IMO, but by far the hardest to do and many really frown on it. All I can tell you is that after 1 weeks of pure hell doing CIO, Mason sleeps brilliantly and I get a good nights sleep. It certainly did not damage my son. So your call to make. :)


Bonnie - June 27

I alomst forgot. When the doc had us cut out Mason's night feeds, we fed him the same amount during the day to make up for it. I'm not sure what you do if BF. Ask your doc to be sure. Based on your LOs size I doubt it will be much of an issue for ya.



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