Questions To Ask Potential Pediatrician

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Angela - October 26

OK folks - I am setting up appointments to meet with pediatricians to "interview" them and I'm wondering what are the key questions I should be asking. I want to make sure I cover all the bases and I'm sure I'll forget stuff!!


KrisD - October 26

Some of my concerns were the hours they held, hospital affiliation, and what happens in an emergency... Is there an on-call doc, etc. I also just wanted to make sure I simply liked the pediatrician...Personality-wise. Also, do they check your baby in the hospital after birth, what is their schedule of appointments (i.e. 2 weeks then 2 months.. etc). My husband and I went to the office so we got to see the place and see how quickly they saw their patients and see the staff.... Pretty much all I can think of for now. We discussed circ_mcision and vaccinations, but those philosophies vary...


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 26

Make sure someone can be reached after hours (it seems that temps spike when everything is closed) Make sure they have a nurse that works just for them, Amaya loves our nurse (more than the doctor) They can't tell you alot about other patients but maybe see how many they have, if they have a whole lot it may be hard to get in for a runny nose but if they dont have too many they might recommend you coming in more often and they could put a damper on budget. See if they do hospital calls, when you go into labor will they come to the hospital so check your baby. Think of some things you firmly believe in (family bed, b___stfeeding/bottle feeding, when to start solids) and see if they agree with you or are firmly against what you believe in. Also ask about how much time each visit takes, from the waiting room to waiting on the doc, ect, I believe that the recommended time for a doctor to spend with a baby and family is 20-45 minutes a visit. If I think of anything else I will let you know. Oh and also ask if they fill prescriptions there or if you can get them filled anywhere, we found that with one of the peds we were going to use would only fill prescriptions in the office and our insurance would not cover it so we went with choice 2 and it was a great decision! good luck



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